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Ozgunduz: We Are on the same Side with the Resistors of this Ummah

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz stated: ?The war of Resistance force against the United States and Israel is still going on.? 

09 Mart 2015
Ozgunduz: We Are on the same Side with the Resistors of this Ummah

Fire is everywhere; right beside us, in our north and south, everywhere. Are we the kind of people who put out the fire with water or those who feed it with gas? We will give an account of this to the history and to Allah on the Doomsday.

In Syria and Iraq, ISIS is serving for Israel and no one can argue against it. The commander of ISIS is now being treated in an Israeli hospital. May Allah deprive him of healing. The weapons, made in Israel and the western countries, were found in the headquarters of Israel by the Security Forces of Iraq.

Moreover, the food packages on which are the Saudi Arabia stamps, were seized. We cannot imagine how severely those baby killers and their co-respondents will be punished by Allah.

Jabir ibn Abd Allah is a prominent companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) whose father converted to Islam and martyred for this purpose. May Allah bless his soul. One day in the era of Bani Umayyah, a flood devastated the whole region and Jabir’s grave was opened. His dead body was still fresh even after 30-40 years. When people moved his hand, which was on his wound, it began to bleed. Even the medicinal plants he used before his death, were still fresh by the blessings of this martyr. They buried him again and let him rest forever.

This is the position of Jabir ibn Abd Allah, the first visitor of Arba’een. After the martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS), Jabir turned to the graveyard of the martyrs and said: “I swear to Allah that we are a party to your good deeds.” Atiyah, a fellow friend of Jabir asked him: “O Jabir, how can it be possible for us to be a party to the good deeds of those martyrs? Their bodies were chopped and tortured; their women and daughters were captivated. How can we be at the same status with them?’’

Jabir answered: “I heard from my dear Prophet that those who agree with the actions of a society are the partners of what they have done. Likewise, I consent to what those martyrs did and I wish to be from them.”

Allah is the best Observer who sees baby killers, destructor of Islamic artifacts and devastators of the wealth of the Ummah. And people are witnessing it all the time. Furthermore, the imperialist and Zionist powers also admit that they are benefiting from ISIS and those who perform it, they are our enemies.

Our fellows, or in other words, the servants of America and Israel are helping the enemy. For sure, the enemies of America and Israel are always standing against them.

In the Middle East, the war between the servants of Israel and the resistors of the Ummah is going on. We are on the same side with the resistors of this Ummah. May Allah keep the servants of America and Israel far from this Ummah in a very quick time.

We lost two of our pilots last week and one of our planes in this week. There is no war here; we are in a peaceful situation. May Allah protect our country from all evil and may He bless the souls of true martyrs.






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