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Ozgunduz: Yemen will just Be a Cemetery for the Saudis!

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reviewed the important issues. 

08 Nisan 2015
Ozgunduz: Yemen will just Be a Cemetery for the Saudis!

Precious believers! Unfortunately we spent some painful days; some events occurred in the country; one of our prosecutors was martyred; one of our police force was attacked. Whoever these raiders are and whatever their goal is, we condemn this action and we declare our hatred. I wish everyone would think like this. Certainly it is better to have a favored government than not to have it. Every nations will be humiliated without a government and will not be able to protect their religions and honors. It is necessary for everyone to think on it.

Indeed, in these cases, our nation and the government should join hands and stand against these difficulties with empathy and unanimity. However, I consider the attempts of some political parties for political exploitation from our martyr is improper. It makes me worried about the future and has caused some questions in my mind that with elections approaching, God forbid, crisis will be increased in the country? Are we going to enter the civil war?

What is this concern about the positions that has overtaken from the concerns about the country and nation? Creating enmity amongst people in order to get more votes! That side for you, this side for us…! This is all the things that enemy wants. What terrorist wants? Terrorist wants the same thing. In my opinion, these events are doubtful. Another person has raised a flag on which is drawn a Zulfiqar sword; it is a situation that has not been seen yet. In my idea, this is strange too. Terrorist organizations do not want the war for earning points. But such the service that is given to their fight makes the mind busy and some special things come to mind. We reject anybody who is importing the terror to this country and creating enmity amongst the people and their goal; we strongly condemn it. We renounce all the ones who hurt our national unity, territorial integrity and survival of our state because of their personal interests; we don’t consider them in our side.

Second issue: After months of intense negotiations, the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran managed to reach an agreement with P5+1 countries last night and they read a memorandum according which they will perform the acts within 3 months. Thus, by emphasizing on not making the nuclear bombs, it was determined for Iran to pursue nuclear technology. In fact, it was not necessary to adopt such a provision, since the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei has given a fatwa on it. It means, the highest-ranking military officials announced that the construction and deployment of nuclear weapons is Haram. The meaning of Haram is that any person will not produce it in that country. But on the other hand, Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads and it is not afraid of using them and even it uses the weak models; both U.S and Israel use them. Against whom Israel wants to use them? Against the Arabs; but the Arab leaders are not sad about it. Just now the Arabs request U.S. not to reconcile with Iran. The Arabs feel worried about Iran more than Israel.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, all over the world united with Saddam and invaded Iran unjustly for 8 years. Egypt sent its army; Yasser Arafat sent his guerrillas. But at the end, they helped them. Iran maintained its integrity and independence. Did Iran invade any country? Saddam invaded Kuwait, bombarded Saudi Arabia, but these cowards found refuge in US again. US came and started activity on their lands.

Saudis who give millions of dollars that have earned from Muslim pilgrimage to Israel, invade Bahrain and keeping troops there, and even destroy the mosques and by using the terrorists, they have turned the geography of Islam into a sea of blood. Intervening in Pakistan, they caused many bloodshed there. They gave guerrilla training to Taliban in 15 thousands of school in Pakistan and then sent them to Afghanistan. It was an excuse for NATO to enter Afghanistan. If we put away Iraq and Syria’s situation, just now some terrorists kidnap students in African countries. In Nigeria, they killed hundreds of women and children and sold their organs to Israel. These terrorists are linked to the Saudi Arabia’s regime.

But Saudi mercenaries could not stand against the Houthis in Yemen. As the result of Saudi attacks to them in the last 9 days, hundreds of people were killed and injured. Why do the Saudis destroy dairy factory, food factory and power plants? What is their excuse for it? Their goal is to create bloodshed in Muslim countries. But are really the Saudis able to do it in Yemen? Yemen can just be a cemetery for the Saudis! But other Muslim countries will be destroyed! These stupid Saudis pay Israel for killing the Muslims.

US has military bases there with the excuse of fighting with Takfiri groups. In this case, why do you bombard the Houthis who are fighting against Takfiris? El-Sisi cannot manages his own country; just yesterday, Takfiris killed more than 20 people in the Sinai. In fact, the Houthis act in your favor. El-Sisi announced the Palestinians as terrorists to make Israel pleased and has kept silent against Israel, and bombards Yemen through the sea in his illusion. Cluster bombs are dropped on civilians and children are killed. But despite confessing the crimes occurred against humanity in Yemen, the United Nations who imposes sanctions for everything, does not show any reaction. May Allah gather with Saudis the ones who are proud of joining with them.

I usually don’t take advantage of anything to prove that we are approaching the arrival of Imam Mahdi (AJ); however, Yemen's uprising increases my hope in this field. May Allah hasten his reappearance.

We support the oppressed people. If a Shia kills a Muslim just because he is a Sunni, we avoid from him and curse him. Also, if a Sunni kills an innocent person because of being Shia, we curse him too. We curse the ones who create enmity amongst the Muslims in the name of our religious priests. Unfortunately in Africa, all the Muslims who are Sunni are killed by Boko Haram, but nobody stand against them and against Al-Shabaab or ISIS.

The work is being done in Iraq; Tikrit is on the eve of release; just Al-Anbar and Nineveh are remained and with Allah’s permission they will be saved from the hand of ISIS and ISIS will pay for their crimes. The scholars and intellectuals of that region are happy from those who released their country and welcome them warmly. Even the Sunni scholars donate blood to the warriors. But what happens to some characters who say: "No, Shias should not enter there!" Whether they are Sunnis or Shias, are the people who are fighting for the release of their homeland different? The savage ISIS forces went there and destroyed the properties of Mosul and destroyed its future. Shia should not enter! Why Shiites should not come to save their homeland? Is it right to have such a biased behavior against Shias and Sunnis in a country which is trying to protect its independence?

Unbelievers cannot hurt us, may Allah protect entire the Muslim world from zealous.

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