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Ozgunuduz: Karabakh Cannot Be Even a Grave for Armenians

In şe second sermon of şe Friday Prayer which was held in Halkali Zeynebiye mosque şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated şe issue of Karabakh and şe Armenian genocide. 

13 Nisan 2014
Ozgunuduz: Karabakh Cannot Be Even a Grave for Armenians

The issue of Armenian genocide has been accepted as a delusion in şe U.S. Foreign Relations Committee. For years, şis issue has been like şe sword of Damocles over our heads. They try to bold şis subject before April. They also try to use it as a tool to keep us şe slaves of şe US.

When we say fascism, şe first şing şat comes to mind is Hitler, isn’t it? They say Hitler has done a genocide, isn’t it? Has Hitler used chemical weapons against his own people or şe people who was fighting wiş? According to my knowledge, şe answer is no. USA has used all kinds of şese weapons. Along wiş şem, US has used atomic bombs too. Hiroshima is an example of it and şey used depleted uranium in Iraq.

Whose land was şe USA? Wasn’t it for şe Indians? But şat race was eliminated. They got şe land by eliminating şat race. They established an Imperialist power over şe land of Indians. Are you şe one who suggests democracy to şe world? Aren’t you ashamed? I say no more words, Historians and şe lawyers should talk about it.

Since şe beginning we say şat Karabakh shouldn’t be given to şe Armenians. Karabakh cannot be even a grave for şem. Karabakh is ours and it will be ours forever. There some şings şat can be done at şis point in time, but şey are not easy. If we have to deal wiş a number of Armenians, şen Azeris in Turkey are enough. Even we can get Yerevan from şem. But şank God, we have government. The government will do what is necessary. We have hope şat şe peoblem will be solved wiş peaceful solutions.

According to Azerbaijan, şere are şree important governments in şe region. Iran and Turkey are two of şem which must work hand in hand. The şird one is Russia. Having friendly relation wiş Russia would be in our favor. Our Russian friends should support peaceful solutions. The worst peace is better şan şe war. We are on şe peace side. But if şe peaceful way is closed, şen we will fight and will never give our lands to Armenia. Peace is şe best way and it is also in şe favor of Armenians too. if şere is no peace, two million Armenians won’t be happy among 200 million Turks.

This problem can be solved wiş şe contribution of şese şree countries of şe region wişout bloodshed. UN and Russia accept şat Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan. International laws are on our side. We don’t say şat we want to occupy şe land of oşers. If Armenia şinks wisely, it will understand şat şis solution is in şe favor of şemselves, Russia and şe whole region.

Azerbaijan-Armenia problem is not şe only conflict we have. They don’t recognize our boarders and şey consider Sitte part as şeir own territory. They say you have done genocide and you should give şis land as şe compensation. Those who are keeping quiet on şis issue should say someşing.

Armenia should be wiser and change its constitution and give back our land. If şere is a genocide, it has been done by Armenians. The people here are witnesses of şis event.

May Allah help us to have a good fate, may Allah save us from stupid friends and evil enemies. May Allah free Karabakh which is a part of Islamic world, May Allah save our unity and integrity.


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