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Ozgunduz: Islamic Artifacts Are vandalized, why don?t You Say Anything?

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz made mentions of some hot topics. 

02 Mart 2015
Ozgunduz: Islamic Artifacts Are vandalized, why don?t You Say Anything?

During last week some important events took place in Yemen. The group of people who represents the fifty-five percent of the population was prevented from coming to the power. The rest forty-five percent-group is not a single groupe and they have different ideologies and characteristics, and most of them support the majority group.

The majority established a constitution on which they agreed beforehand. They discrowned Ali Abdullah Saleh, first President of Yemen and enthroned someone else. Thus, the constitution could be applied and the nation would have the right to speak in terms of managing the country. However, it was not the case and a new revolution had to be made. The president and the government resigned, and they settled down in Aden, former capital of South Yemen.

And democracy makers give the control of this issue to the kings of Saudi and Qatar. The USA, Saudi and Qatar embassies were moved to Aden and it is obvious how much serious they are about democracy. These two countries are the troublemakers of the whole Islam Geography. They supported terrorists and worked against Muslim countries and vandalizing the Islamic artifacts from Africa to Middle East.

The previous week, they set fire to ancient mosques and churches in Mosul. Masterpieces whose history dates went back to seven thousands years ago were also destroyed in the museums.

Eight thousands of precious codices were burnt out, and they did not even belong to Shias. Wild-eyed monsters are devastating Islamic artifacts on behalf of Islam. Those who help and give support to them are not ashamed of their own humanity, religion and sect? In which sect, imam could let them do such a thing? Even Kharijites were not as brutal as they are.

They did everything to Muslims, that we thought it was impossible and we are just silent. These so-called (religious) men saying Allahuekber and wearing beard, hurt the Muslim world more than anyone else.

The cities that they burnt in Syria and Iraq were composed of Sunni population. Yet, some bigots assume that they are Shia cities and this is why they do nothing to help them. In countries that are not Shia such as Egypt, Libya, and Somali, terrorist attacks were also made turning these countries to hell.

For sure, we do not share the same ideology with these bigots because all Muslims including Shias and Sunnis are brothers. Should we be happy when they are murdered and Islamic artifacts are vandalized? “Shia mosque was attacked in Pakistan. Shia mosque?!” There is no such a thing as Shia or Sunni mosque because mosque is a mosque, but the zealots still did not become aware of this. “Shia Koran was burnt?!” Is Koran separately specific to Shias and Sunnis? This really destroy us from inside.

May Allah protect the Muslim world and our country from evil enemies, fake fellows and dishonest administrators, and never let our country struggle in such a way.

May Allah help the security and armed forces for guarding us in the best way they can.



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