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Ozgunduz: Hezbollah, the Community of the Virtue

Addressing to thousands of people who had gathered for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated certain issues. 

01 Şubat 2015
Ozgunduz: Hezbollah, the Community of the Virtue

Sheikh Ali Salman: “If my people be released, I am ready to be sentenced for a lifetime.’’

Sheikh Ali Salman is the leader of the Al-Wefaq party, which has the largest crowd of supporters in Bahrain. He was imprisoned only because he had asked for Freedom and Democracy. Surely, the world knows that this is not reasonable and even the Western society considers it as an illogical behavior. You cannot just put someone in prison for the reason that he demands freedom and democracy on behalf of his people. Sheikh Ali Salman states: “If my people be released, I am ready to be sentenced for a lifetime.’’ May Allah release him and his people from captivity.

The Houthis’ demand is no wrong, but a pertinent remark

In Yemen, the Houthis demand freedom, as well. Why do you hold a grudge against them for freedom? What is their fault that they are treated this way? What a pity that the ones who do not call Muawiyah by a holy title (holiness), are being treated this way. Even though the Houthis came to terms with the government in Yemen and entered into an agreement, the President resigned and left just to cause much more trouble for the Houthis. And the Houthis keep saying “We are here and we do not want a one-sided government. Every single person of this country will be working in all levels of the government, in bureaucracy and we will rule our country together; this is our country.’’ I think that there is no problem with this claim; on the contrary, it is a very well said pertinent remark.

Wise people must immediately say ‘Stop!’ to the execution of Ayatollah Nimr

Also, Ayatollah Nimr was beaten severely by the Kingdom of Saud and was fell into a coma, just because he had asked for equality, freedom and democracy. As soon as he came out of the coma, he was condemned to execution. I hope that this death warrant will soon be stopped with the help of wise men becoming pioneers for this aim in the world and in our country. May Allah release Ayatollah Nimr.

Hezbollah, the community of the virtue

Israel martyred six men of Hezbollah. Let me tell you something which is used by you most of the times: “May Allah glorify our martyrs.” Indeed, martyrs have already been exalted. Anyone who wants to join Hezbollah will not be immediately accepted because it is not possible for everyone to be a soldier of Hezbollah. If you do not deserve to have Hezbollah’s title, they will not let you come and join them. They do not allow child killers, malefactors and deviators join them. It needs pure virtue to go there and be a part of their army. They need the men who prefer Allah’s confirmation rather than their own judgments and desires.
All the soldiers of Hezbollah are quite valuable and important. They are inexhaustible, either. However, the Zionist assumed that when they murdered Imam Musa Sadr, Shias in Lebanon would be fallen apart.

As you can see, those who come right after him (Imam Musa Sadr) are not deficient at all. In fact, they cause trouble to imperialism and Zionism. Even if the leaders such as Sayyed Abbas al Musawi and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah are murdered, they can be replaced. It is such a great organization that all the people are prominent there.

Do not let the enemy get happy by saying that we have lost many important soldiers. I have a word to say; when Hezbollah settled down in 1982, they managed to kick the world’s undefeatable powers (America, Israel, France and Italy) out from Lebanon. Thank God, right now Hezbollah has many more soldiers. Therefore, Hezbollah is able to replace his martyrs even if they are six thousands, not only six. So when does it happen? It does not happen at the time Israel wants it. Israel sets traps for Hezbollah with the purpose of causing Muslims to fight against one another, and on the one hand, it is trying to drag ISIS terrorists to Lebanon. This is what the intelligence services revealed.

Israel soldiers are now scared of Hezbollah, and accept the defeat. When it comes to Hezbollah’s martyrs, for sure Allah will take their revenge.

We are not afraid of being Shia, but afraid of not being able to be Shia

The other day, while watching television, I came across a channel on which a person supposedly addressed the government with his ideas and said this sentence: “Islam is stuck between Shias and Wahhabis.”

When we look at their origins, we find out that ISIS and Wahhabi are just a newborn thing, but Shia has been existed since the Prophet’s time; and Shia is together with Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH). Shiism is not a matter of race or ancestry. It is a degree, a position to be reached just like being Muslim believer and faithful. On the doomsday, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will put his sacred hand on the shoulder of Ali and say: “Those who will reach welfare are Ali and the Shias of Ali.” Whether you are grieved or jealous, this is what will happen as Allah and the Prophet said. We are proud of being Shia. May Allah keep us as Shia.

We are not rueful for being Shia, but for not being able to be Shia. I hope we can succeed at least to be followers of Shias. Salman al-Farsi, Abuzar al-Ghaffari, Hassan and Hussain are perfect examples of Shias. So who are you to defame Shias?! Do not you dare to say that Islam is stuck between Shias and Wahhabis, but it is stuck between Muawiyah and Yazid; between Muawiyah and those who are appointed to Muawiyah.  

Wahhabism is the illegitimate child of the British ones who aimed to vandalize the Ottomans yesterday. And today you are letting yourself to be used by Wahhabis. What a pity! Shame on you!
May Allah protect and save the Muslim world and my dear country from foolish friends and from the evil enemy.

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