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Ozgunduz : ?We Are also Suffering a lot because of Your Weapons?

Addressing to thousands of people who gathered for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz strongly condemned the massacre in France, and asked to end the support given to terrorists. 

12 Ocak 2015
Ozgunduz : ?We Are also Suffering a lot because of Your Weapons?

He continued: In the past few days, 12 French were killed and the world reacted strongly. For sure, my heart was grieved, as well. As God is my witness, I got tearful when they shot that policeman on the head despite the fact that the policeman was saying ‘Stop brother’.  I was tearful even without knowing about the religion of that policeman and later I learnt that he was also a Muslim.

We certainly became sick at heart for this situation, but we are also suffering a lot. We are witnessing that hundreds of people are being killed in a single day there. Now you are taking offence at this issue and feeling so sorry, aren’t you? When our people die, we also want to die because of the sorrow we feel in our hearts. The previous day, we had a meeting with the honorable governor of Istanbul. At the time we were together, a deadly attack targeted our policeman who was giving public service in Sultan Ahmet square that was close to the governor’s office. In this attack, we lost one of our police officers and one other was injured. I express my respect to our martyr and my condolences to his family. May Allah gather him along with all the martyrs and the master of all martyrs, Imam Huseyin (PBUH). May God give patience to his family and all the police communities. I hope it to be our last martyr.

Our people feel deeply sad about the murder of our policemen. Unfortunately, we see our western friends (!) and their weapons behind these massacres. No matter to whom they were made, whether to a Jewish, to an Armenian, or to a Greek, we reject and condemn all forms of terrorist activities, especially the ones that target civilians and innocent people. Therefore, we harshly criticize what has happened in France, except for the person who drew the Prophet cartoons.

No matter from whoever it comes or to whomever it goes; we condemn any kind of attacks which target innocent people and civilians. A Muslim, even if he is in the process of defending his own country, he does not kill women and children; he just fights against the occupying powers.

Yesterday You Considered much more Misery for this Nation

Nowadays some people are snapping at democracy too much and asking such questions; is this democracy? is this freedom?  You are right in your words my brothers, because freedom and democracy should not be done in that way. However just yesterday, you considered much more misery for this nation.

You have thought that our people deserve hardships? You have no right to snap at this nation. You are disturbed when you are called as terrorist organizations, but you are always defaming 300 million of Shias on your TV series and talk shows. You are talking very inaccurately about us because your intention is to damage the nice attitude of others about us. Allah has proved it.

Do you think that you will not be affected by the Shias’ sigh caused by your deeds? One single word, lets come and try it! The Shia’s way is the right way, and it is in accordance with Islam, Koran and the Prophet. I say to whoever comes into this conflict that he should check himself.

May Allah keep the unity of Islam along with our country’s unity; because we can stand just with unity and we will be defeated with division.

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