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Ozgunduz: ?Those Who Want to Create Sectarian Fights, Don?t Really hate America?

Speaking for thousands of people who had participated in Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said: ?we have no problem with anyone. Our first and most important concern is the unity of the Muslims.? 

06 Ağustos 2014
Ozgunduz: ?Those Who Want to Create Sectarian Fights, Don?t Really hate America?

He continued: “in various platforms and in social medias, some people have said how brave I am and how challenging words I use. These are nice things and it may please anyone but I have to mention that I don’t have the concern to prove anything to anyone.
My first concern is unity among the Muslims. As Imam Khomeini has said: “this is the most important necessity”. It means that unity among the Muslims or even unity among the oppressed people is the most important issue in the world of Islam. A few hundred people are ruling the world and the rest of 7 billion are oppressed and if they unite, they will get rid of the oppression. This is our wish.

Ozgunduz: “Those Who Want to Create Sectarian Fights, Don’t Really hate America”

Those who want to separate us don’t do that due to their love towards us. They do this because they want to weaken us in order for us to be defeatable. Therefore, anyone who tries to create sectarian or ethnic divisions among the Muslims, is serving the USA even though he might curse the US. America is satisfied to be cursed but to be served at the same time. Imam Khomeini said that “America makes others to curse it for 30 years in order to use them one day”. If someone curses Israel or the US, it doesn’t mean anything. Actions speaks louder than words. When you serve them what it means to curse them.
If you want to protect diplomacy, you can call them friends or what so ever. That is not important. We should look at your deeds. Do you do these things strategically in order to serve the interests of the Muslims? I look at it from this point of view and I believe that everyone should do the same. Unity of the nation will guarantee survival of the government.

 “Islamic Countries Must Establish a Union like EU”

Therefore, this country shouldn’t be divided. If the borders are going to be changed, for sure our country will be divided too. That is why I clearly declare that if as Muslim countries, we try to unite like the EU or UN, we will be more successful. We shouldn’t divide the countries which once the Imperialists had divided. Doing anything in favor of this plan of division is a service for the Imperialists and a treason to the Muslims.
Is there anyone who can discuss this issue and convince me that the opposite is correct? If so, we will look at evaluate this issue from this point of view.
In Syria we looked further than oppressor and oppressed. We looked at not dividing Syria. Thank God, the results show that the plan of Imperialists was not successful.
Now they are working on plan “b” and plan “C”. Don’t the Imperialists have plans? They are ready to create Fitna every time. They went to Iraq and they have always killed Shias whether they were in power or they were the opposition group.

 “We were Always the Oppressors”

Let’s talk about ourselves. We were oppressed when Secularists were in power but we protected our unity. “Yavuz Action Plan” was planned against Shias when Secularists were in power, have you forgotten that?
And now every day, they are stimulating people against us. You were saying that we the Muslims are brothers and the secularists are creating Fitna among us. Are we orphans that anyone is oppressing us?

Whom have we bothered? Do you think that Ali Ibn Abu Talib didn’t go to a war for he was not right? Ali was God’s Lion, you know why he didn’t fight for his right, because there was a more important right and that was unity of the Muslims.
If Imam Hasan was right, why did he left the power and his position for Muawiyah? Because unity of the Muslims was much more important. Because Muawiyah loved that position and he would do everything to get the power in his hand. Even if he had to kill the Prophet or the Prophet’s children, he would do that. He had that passion but we don’t. We would prefer to live together in peace as God has told us, no matter who is in power.

Our Imams were in this thought. Our Mujtahids were thinking the same way and we have the same attitude. We have always asked you not to support the oppressors and our words doesn’t make the oppressors happy.
Shall we behave the same in confronting the oppressors? This path is full of problems. Of you enter this path you might get damaged. Shall we give up? We are still on our promise to the Prophet in Ghadir Khom.

Whatever the result is, we will accept it. We believe that the results are great in God’s presence. We believe that the results will be great on Judgment Day. We will see together that who the winner will be on the Judgment Day. The Prophet has said that: “Ali and his Shias will be the winners in the Hereafter”.

We are after the eternity kingdom. Even though if we make be harmed, even though if the Muslims may not like each other, we wish that they get united in confronting the Imperialists.
Those tiny fish get united in order to stand against the big fish and not to be eaten. When they get together, they look like a huge fish and they make the big fish frightened. I wish Muslims could do such a rational thing.

I am not an enemy of the Islamic governments but rather I am having stress and anxiety more than their governors. The survival of these Islamic countries is our red line. That is why I wish that those Islamic countries including my own country walk on the right path and work successfully. If we are not wishing for it, may Allah damn us. We wish that they work fair, properly and successfully. We don’t care about their sects. May Allah help them in their way to govern fair and beneficently.
May Allah defeat those who want to ruin our unity and our country. I don’t challenge anyone by saying these words. I am not enemy towards anyone. Even if so, it wouldn’t keep me away from my piety and justice. May Allah keep us in the justice line. And may Allah bestow my country unity.”

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