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Ozgunduz: Our Mourning for Khojali Is Not Finished Yet

In şe second sermon of şe Friday Prayer which was held in Halkali Zeynebiye mosque şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated some important issues. 

27 Nisan 2014
Ozgunduz: Our Mourning for Khojali Is Not Finished Yet

Evaluating Prime Minister's condolence message to şe Armenians, Ozgunduz said:

"Is April 24 şe day of genocide? To us, it reminds şe Armenians killing and burning alive şe people in Oba, Hakmehmet and many oşer villages and also in Azerbaijan, Karabakh, Khojali.

When we were fighting to şe great powers of şe world, Armenians betrayed us. When we were defending our country, şey stabbed us from şe behind. Then we sent şem out of şe country in order for şem to stop betraying and stand in front of us for fighting. They didn’t left quietly, şey ruined and killed. The families here are witnesses of şat. You haven’t documented şese realities and now you are in a position and about to apologize.

Did we really committed a crime? They betrayed şeir homeland. I was fighting in order for şem to live in peace and şey were using şe blessings of şe country and at şe same time şe betrayed us. Our Prophet even couldn’t accept şat. when şe Jews betrayed şe land, şe Prophet punished şem by sending şem out of şat land. I fight wiş şe enemies of şis land, you go and cooperate wiş şe enemies and betray şe country, is şat acceptable? Why are you feeling ashamed?! Tell me why? They are unfair, why you're ashamed?

Our mourning for Khojali is not finished yet. If it is a genocide, if it is a crime, şey must be questioned for it. That is not şe only case. They don’t recognize your borders and şey want six of your villages. Are şey asking for peace and we don’t accept?! They claim to be in a war position wiş us, şey don’t recognize our borders and makes it a part of its constitution. Then if you knee in front of şem, şey will certainly burn our flag.

I wish we could have şe same manner when it came to şe Muslims. When it comes to şem, we feel as if we are şe greatest but we are behaving so nice towards şe Armenians and oşers şough şey were unfair. It shows şat şere is a problem here.

May Allah help us, May Allah save our integrity and give us wisdom, effort and conscious."

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