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Ozgunduz Evaluated the Attack on Yemen : Cowards!

Speaking to thousands of people who gathered for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reviewed some important issues such as the attack on Yemen. 

04 Nisan 2015
Ozgunduz Evaluated  the  Attack on Yemen : Cowards!

There is a sorrow in our heart… O Allah! We complain to You. Our prophet has passed away and our real owner doesn't exist among us. The Nimrods of the day have attacked us; our people are few and our enemies are very much. O Allah, make near the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi. Honor the Muslims with his re-appearance and smite the unbelievers.

For fighting with whom the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia grew the Taliban in 15 thousand schools in Pakistan? For fighting with Burhanuddin Rabbani and Hekmatyar while they were both Hanafi. One of them was the president and the other the prime minister. Getting tired of the war with the Russian, they had formed a government in Afghanistan. They had come from Pakistan and defeated miraculously the fighters that Russia was unable to defeat them; then they seized the cabinet and formed a government. It happened with the Saudi Arabia's fund, Pakistan's supports and America's planning.

Then they began to destroy Afghanistan. All the world and Afghanistan were tired of them. US who had raised Taliban itself, came to the scene as a savior to eliminate them; they brought the so-called democracy by bombing and destruction. But what kind of democracy it is that Afghanistan is still a long way from peace and Taliban has become more powerful.

Since the new government was being formed, Taliban was not satisfied with the partnership and claimed for everything! You should go and leave us to form the government.

We avoid from praying for US forces

They bombed Iraq. They killed one and a half million people with the promise of democracy. After using the attenuated nuclear weapons in Iraq, hundreds of babies were born patient and with a tumor. Some American soldiers had also been effected. As you know, their honor was trampled. Do you remember Abu Ghraib? It is too difficult to speak about their oppressions.

US entered Iraq on the pretext of eliminating terrorists who were supported by Saddam. But now murder is so much in Iraq that US cannot control it itself. After the invasion of Iraq, US made much destructions in Fallujah, Baqubah and Ramadi and tarnished their honor. And then, someone has prayed for the health US forces in the name of us. We seek Allah from this prayer.

US exceeds the honor of Sunnis there, but the ones who devoted themselves for Sunnis, pray for US forces here.

Now those terrorists have entered into Mosul and Tikrit and nobody stood against them. Even the US cannot resist! They killed the Kurds and Turkmens; what happened? A person was about to get happy from it. Some feasts are being held in a Turkish country because of the crimes which have been occurred there and the death of the Turks. It seems that the Saudi glasses have made this person blind. Poor the Turk that is not useful by himself and cannot have his own point of view to the world. On one hand, you are attracted by the Ottoman Empire, and on the other hand, you look at the events from the Wahhabi regime's point of view which have been established to destroy the Ottoman.

Shias defended Kuwait

Saddam's attack on Shiite Iran seemed an ordinary event. But he also invaded Kuwait, threatened Turkey, killed the Shafi'i Sunni Kurds with chemical weapons and bombarded Saudi Arabia. But what did the brave Saudi Arabia instead? Saddam took refuge in the US; and they came and destroyed the holy shrines under the pretext of saving the Saudis from Saddam. On the other hand, the Emir of Kuwait escaped from the country when Saddam's forces entered; then the Kuwaiti Shiites defended their homeland and resisted.

Who toppled the American Hosni Mubarak? The Egyptian revolution became popular, and what kind of revolution that was which could be organized overnight? Even the Muslim Brotherhood was not with them at that time; they were in Parliament with Hosni Mubarak. US ordered for leaving of Mubarak and some people accepted it her; then the Muslim Brotherhood took the revolution and brought Morsi, who was the servant of NASA, as the president. Over a thousand people were killed in the fighting of religions and sects. Hundreds of temples were destroyed. Another person, who was Vatican in my opinion, told the US that it was enough and not to kill Christians more than that. Because he had achieved successfully his goal of creating dissension between Islam and Christianity and displaying an ugly face for Islam.

Suddenly, people came to the streets against Morsi and the Egyptian army on the pretext of preventing the people to kill each other came and brought to power the American general, El-Sisi in Egypt.

After coming of El-Sisi who was a secular and had overthrown Morsi who was a Pro-Sharia president, Saudi Arabia donated over eight billion dollars to him; and it was there that I was surprised… and then they sent another sixty billion dollars! But now it has become clear; as if it was useful for them at that time.

The timorous Saudis keep silent against Israel and ISIS who have made destructions from Africa to the Middle East.

Ayatollah Sistani's fatwa brought three million people to the field overnight

It seems that even the US was not able to stand against ISIS. Ayatollah Sistani's invitation for defending from homeland, honor, unity and future of Iraq was accepted by Sunnis and Shias and brought three million soldiers to the field overnight; and after saving the province of Diyala, fighting is continued in Saladin Province. And US intends to seize this victory.

If US murders and loots and exceeds, there is no problem with it, but a person that is not clear whose servant he is and who talks from his Wahhabi point of view, says: "Shia should not enter there"!

Normally, 65% of are Iraqi army are Shias and we saw how you defended Mosul in the absence of Shias. What kind of opportunity it is that you keep silent against the murders occur in Tal Afar, which is placed exactly in our country's border and about one million Turks live there and half of them are Shias and the others are Sunnis? But if somebody does any action against this murder, you will shout!

15 thousand schools have bothered Pakistan; many people are killed there every day, but according to rumors, the country rulers have remained silent for a few billion dollars.

Saudis are afraid of Houthis

The Saudi attacks to Yemen is being justified by the fear of Saudis from Houthis. 60 percent of Yemenis are Houthis; of course, if you ask it from them, they deny it. As they said that Shiites are a minority in Iraq. But it turned out that the most population in Iraq and Bahrain are Shias. Who are you serving for? You are against the referendum of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, then why are you agreed with the presence of Saudis in Bahrain?

You say that the government who fires shots to his people is illegitimate. Their shots are not important, they brought weapons from Turkey, soldiers from Saudi Arabia and police from Jordan to kill their people; how can this government be legitimate?

Although the Houthis were the majority, they accepted the country be ruled properly by non-Houthis. After removal of the pro-Saudi head, his deputy came to power and promised to bring a new constitution after forming his government. However, he performed the Saudi's demand. By the people's request, Houthis asked them the reason why they got orders from Saudis who were the servants of Israel. It didn't work and they got the power without bloodshed and murder because they were in majority.

Now the reason of 60-billion-dollar bribes of Saudis to the atheist General El-Sisi is clear; it is because the Saudis are afraid of Houthis.

Being supported by Egypt, Pakistan and some other small countries and profiting the US guidance and satisfaction of Israeli, they attack Yemen and they do not hide it anymore. Israel openly declared that Saudi Arabia serves our interests.

It is said that if the Shiite Houthi get control of the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, which is the bottleneck of the Red Sea, it will be very bad for us. While they have seized some small islands in the Red Sea that have no relation with Israeld, Saudis did nothing on it. But now ten countries have united against Yemen and are bombarding there.


What happened to your standards of democracy?

I leave the debate of Yemen and go to Bahrain. Bahrain is as large as half of the size of Tuzluca city. On one hand the Saudi tanks, and on the other hand, the logistical support of Turkey and Jordan police entered this small island ... what is happening?

Where are your standards of democracy? Was this your honor to the citizens of other countries? Do we know what the Houthis did? They did not escape their bombardment, they pressed and entered Saudi Arabia, where they captured dozens of Saudi soldiers and overthrow some Saudi military aircraft and they said that they would fight to the end.

If it is treated with dignity of people in this way and they don't have anything to lose, they will not be afraid of anything. The sons of Haider al Karrar and the Yemeni youths defeated the forces of great states such as the US, UK, France, Italy, and their brother, Israel and send them out from their country. Didn't it happen in 1982?

It is cowardly attack

O cowards! Great governments stand against the people who have been kept hungry for centuries and US declared support. It invade your land. Some Zionist Jews occupy your country and trample your dignity but you keep quiet and say nothing; then great states gather to suppress the freedom seekers of Bahrain and attack to a y which is as large as the half of Tuzluca city. Curse on this logic!

There are some people who know very well that what is happening in Yemen; Yemen is in the other side of the world, they see what is happening there, but they don't see the humiliation of their soldiers. Our nation still feels the bitterness of this incident. But if US does it, you admire it.

You do not assume responsibility for the killing of Turkish people. You handcuff the Turkish armed forces. He is caught in Silivri and you see it as a conspiracy. But you repeat the US words which says that Iran has entered Yemen.

You don't see local events. A parallel government was formed in your country, but you didn't see it. Instead you give news of the Indian Ocean? Don't lead the country to the religious bigotries. Don't play with the unity of this nation. It was not enough that you played with the dignity of the government? This country needs unity and vitality. If you have the courage and power, stand against Israel and Greece and Armenia and US.

Where has Shia done terror?

When Shias demand freedom in their country, it is said that they are terrorists of Iran. What have Shias done that have become terrorists? Aren't you afraid of Allah? Are the ones who behead people while they are alive, eat human flesh and behead the children are Shias? Don't the Shias have the right to live in their own country? What kind of logic is it?

You become the friend of the Americans who curse your Prophet and ridiculed your religion, but you, but attack all the Shias for the behavior of a couple of clowns who disregarded the fatwa of the clergymen and insulted a certain figure in your sect. May Allah curse those who cause intrigue between Muslims and insult the Muslim sanctities.

Our clergymen state: Blasphemy to the Sunni sanctities is prohibited. This is our word. Some American hired clowns have no relation with us they are not from us. You do not avoid from ISIS. Even a person among you call ISIS as a locomotive.

O Allah, protect my country from the zealots and fanatics and ignorants!



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