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Ozgunduz: ??ISIS?? is the common enemy of both Shias and Sunnis

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reviewed the agenda. 

15 Mart 2015
Ozgunduz: ??ISIS?? is the common enemy of both Shias and Sunnis

The adulatory judges in Egypt, in order to gain appreciation from the government, considered the political side as well the military side of Hamas as terrorists. However, the Government of Egypt rejected this saying that ‘’Hamas is protecting its people.’’ For sure, the Egyptian Government did what was right and we appreciate their attitude on this.

Boko Haram ("Western education is forbidden"), an Islamist terrorist movement that ensanguined Africa obeyed the ISIS and is now one of them. These two terrorist groups have a lot of common points; they both are equal in villainy and kill everyone who does not obey them regardless of woman or man, old or young, Muslim or non-Muslim. In other words, these terrorists groups are the same. Boko Haram is destroying all the Islamic artifacts in Africa and ISIS is doing the same here.

They burnt more than 8 thousands valuable codices and artifacts which were all from Sunni sources. Recently, they have burnt another 1500. They are against science and knowledge.

For thousands of years, they have been vandalizing historical artifacts and cities that belong to Muslims. All these are happening in Mosul and people in Mosul did not even resist when the ISIS came and settled down in their lands as if something good could have ever happened…These historical artifacts are more valuable than gas because they cannot be brought back. Unfortunately, all were burnt and damaged.

Even though it was Saddam’s commanders who helped these terrorists after having occupied Mosul, they shot them to death because they do not even have mercy for Saddam’s commanders.

Yesterday they burnt a woman and do you know the reason? It was because she had no money to give them. They are committing a new murder every day.

For not seeming at the same side with ISIS and for the reason that Christian soldiers were killed along with the Muslim ones by the ISIS, US said ‘’we consider them as terrorists.’’

A construction called Coalition Powers was organized to sweep away the ISIS, but let alone sweeping them away, they came out of it even without a scratch. On the contrary, they were provided with modern weapons through planes. Their photos took place on our press, as well.

The coalition’s planes which do not hurt the ISIS bombarded the Iraqi army yesterday when they realized that the Iraqi army was about to destroy the ISIS. At the end, 41 soldiers were martyred.

United States Department of Defense blurted ‘’We were trying to destroy ISIS, but right now those who want to destroy the ISIS are not working on behalf of us.’’ It means that in Muslim countries if someone is serving for America, in turn, they help him, too.

These terrorists are treated in Israeli hospitals and Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister is visiting them.

Those who are fighting in Syria and Iraq are the servants of America and Israel. This is why we are together with the governments in Syria, Iraq, and Africa.

In Syria and Iraq, you were using Shiism and Sunnism as an excuse. What is your excuse for Africa? Somali and Mogadishu went to rack and ruin. Mali, Middle Africa, Tunis and Libya are lying in ruins.

Because of the issue of Imam Musa al Sadr, we have a chip on our shoulders about Gaddafi. However, Libya was still in unity, going forward under the regime of Gaddafi. Finally they came and bombarded Libya as they could not handle the issue as the way they wanted. Libya was divided and now everyone is fighting against one another.

The Arab Spring did not come by Yemen and Bahrain

Since the oppressed Yemenis and Bahrainis thought that the Arab Spring would bring democracy and freedom, they asked for their rights. As a result, they were suppressed and no one is supporting them. They ask for democracy but US says ‘’Do what Saudi Arabia says.’’ Saudi Arabia is the most brutal regime in the world. The US says to listen to Saud Arabia because Saud is controlled by US. This is such a disgusting world we are living in. May Allah curse America, Israel and those who serve for them.

ISIS is killing everyone regardless of Sunni or Shia, but some people are worrying only about Sunnis. They killed Turkmens; no one said a single word. Nowadays, they are speculating that those fighters are Shias. The Iraqi Ministry of National Defense is himself Sunni; beware of Allah. The ISIS is the only troublemaker both for Shias and Sunnies. May Allah curse the ISIS and those who support them.

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