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Ozgunduz: I will not Replace Shias with the Whole World.

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reviewed the agenda. 

22 Şubat 2015
Ozgunduz: I will not Replace Shias with the Whole World.

The previous day, on a program, broadcasted in a channel called TRT 1 (a national channel of Turkey), some people criticized Hz. Ali and talked about Shias. And you, TRT are a national foundation, the foundation of all of us. If they were going to talk about Shias, why was not there any Shia scholar there? On the contrary, you let the servants of Wahhabies come and speak there. They talk about Shias and there is no Shia scholar. What’s more, they make judgments about Shias without any hesitation. Don’t you feel ashamed of what you are doing? Why do you have the enemies of Shias speak there in the name of Shias? What a shame! You are standing here today because of our taxes. Yet, you hurt us with such broadcasts! May Allah protect my country and my people from your malignity.

Both the intellectuals and politicians of our country utter the following words everywhere: “Let the people decide, and they say to the West that you are applying double standard. When Muslims are tyrannized, you do nothing about it.” Let’s abolish this double standard together. Free will of the people is important; whoever the country wants let it be the head.

So how could this possibly happen in Bahrain, Iraq, and Yemen and even in Syria? Is the ballot box invalid in these countries, but valid here? Take this ballot box to Saudi Arabia and let’s see if the Saudis will receive vote from anyone out of his family. In Bahrain, the impudent men of the interior ministers catch and kill old clergies only because they ask for freedom and democracy. They put the president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights into prison. They imprison the clergy men whose supporters are hundred-fold more than the king. And on the one hand, the Saudi Arabia condemns them to death.

After all the things you have done, why do not you still admit that your actions have nothing to do with justice, human rights and democracy? Are not all these double standards? And do not you see any problem here, just because it is made to Shias? Because Shias deserve such treatments?

Do you know what this shows? Shia is in one side and the world with all its religions and sects are in another side. And Shia is on the side of Allah.

May Allah protect our country from the malignity of the evildoers, and preserve the indivisible unity of our motherland.



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