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Ozgunduz: Are You Waiting for the King of Saudi Arabia to bring Democracy?

Speaking to thousands of people who gathered for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz drew attention to the hypocrisy of the West. 

15 Şubat 2015
Ozgunduz: Are You Waiting for the King of Saudi Arabia to bring Democracy?

As you know, our Western friends are doing the acts of apostles for democracy, but indeed, they are lying; they are two-faced people. People in Yemen made a revolution, and overthrew the dictator. The people of there did it; no military coup happened there. The most powerful group took the initiative, which is just consisted of % 55 of Yemen; the rest of % 45 is not a single group, but various groups.

In this revolution, the majority took the initiative, and did not exclude the other groups; they also did not care whether the other groups were rightists or leftists. On the contrary, the majority suggested that “everyone can have his own representative, on the condition of not being a terrorist so that we can establish our 551-person parliament. We also do not want to be alone in the presidency; we want partners and we ask them to set the Constituent Assembly. Afterwards, let’s call an election, and accept the result of the election.” Isn’t it democracy? So what does the West say about it? They say “Let Saudi Arabia intervene in this issue.”

In America, as well, they have begun to think that from where the terrorists are derived. Supposedly, America is bombing the terrorists, but the aids are falling into the hands of ISIS. The West say that: “Saudi Arabia which produces the terrorists, should deal with the issue of Yemen, and whoever Saudi wants, we want him, too.” Seemingly, they give preference to what the king of Saudi wants, not to the people of Yemen. Also, in Bahrain, the tanks of Saudi, suppressed their demands by breaking into their houses.

They do not want democracy for us; they want dictators for us, who will be their servants and our master.

Their last statement is a proof for this. They say that they will approve whatever the King of Saudi approves. Soon the Saudi King will pick up his helpers and will come together with the Kings of Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. Let’s see who the best person for Yemen is in their point of view.

The West order and they become servants for the West and curse the Muslims. May Allah save Muslims from these misled people. What else can I say? May Allah give Muslims wisdom, faith, and comprehension.

The one who is the enemy of Ali’s lovers is the enemy of Ali

And some people throw aside all these, and are just messing with Shias as if the Shias cause trouble to Turkey. Turkey has been bloodshed for 35 years and it is as though Shias are the reason for this. What should I say? They say Allah’s justice works tardily but unshakably. What did Shia do to you? What is the reason for your hostility? They say Persian (Acem), so are you Arab? Yes, we are Persian (Acem), not Arab. Do you consider yourself as Arab? Do you make it clear that you are the seed of Al Saud? Everyone who is not Arab is Persian (Acem). If you are not Persian, then there is something else.

Those who bear hostility towards Ali, can be recognized by their hostility to Ali’s lovers. Our Prophet says, “those who bear hostility towards Ali are illegitimate children; born out of wedlock (veled-i zina).’ This is written in your books (sources), as well. And Prophet continues, “those who love Ali, let them cherish as they are innately born with purity.’ Alhamdulillah. May Allah keep our love for Ali in our hearts. We will meet in the Doomsday; there is just a breath between us and the Doomsday. May Allah annihilate those who try to harm Muslims by raising Cain between Shia – Sunni, Turkish – Kurdish, and Arab-Persian. On the one hand, you claim that you are against the ISIS but on the other hand, you use the language they use.

May Allah protect the entire Muslim world and our community from the malignity of Satan and fake fellows, and help us keep our unity. What we said just yesterday, happened today and what we are saying today, will come true tomorrow. The world will not stay on the hands of bandits, oppressors, and hypocrites. We have our possessor and may Allah accelerate his coming and may He honor us with his consent and also make him satisfied from us.

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