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Ozgunduz: Karabakh Cannot even Be a Tomb for the Armenians

Speaking to thousands of people who came together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reviewed important issues.  

09 Şubat 2015
Ozgunduz: Karabakh Cannot even Be a Tomb for the Armenians

Some massacres occurred in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s land was occupied. Let me say it in other words; all the Azerbaijani Turks’ lands in the world were occupied.

A while ago, the lands which belong to us have been taken from us. No other country’s geography has been changed; they all have theirs. Ours has been changed from Kirkuk to this side, though. Most parts of our land have been passed into other hands. Why? We should put on our thinking caps.

Before anything else, this situation must disturb us. As Hz. Ali states: “If a man does not say anything to a man who enters his home, that man is a dead person, not alive. For this man, it is better to be dead not alive!” His home and motherland were invaded by others; if he is still silent, this man is really dead because an alive man reacts.

Karabakh does not only belong to the Azerbaijanis of Karabakh, but also it belongs to all the Azerbaijanis in the world, and it is ours. Our home was taken from us, our shelter was blown away, our honor and dignity were torn down, our brave men were martyred. And still, the Armenians do not allow Azerbaijani Turks cry on the tombs of martyrs who are sleeping there.

My dear friend Ismail Agayev, the Head of Azerbaijani Diaspora Beynelxalq Center came from Azerbaijan. He is responsible for announcing the Armenian oppression to the world. He and the accompanying delegation are welcomed. In the land of Azerbaijan, a person was murdered only because he was crying on the tomb of his mother, and two others were arrested. One of them was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the other one was condemned to twenty years in prison. They are also exposed to Armenian torture. Human rights associations strongly react if a European, an American, or a Japanese is killed.

However, the massacres which found to be a genocide are made to us by the Armenians.

The world is silent; these are our lands. The map in the United Nations is also ours, and they confirm it, as well. We say that the Armenians destroy these lands; they say they will deal with them, but nobody does say anything against the Armenians. They are settled in our homes and damage our works, and when it comes to letting us visit our loved ones’ tombs, a handful of Armenians do not let us do it. Just the Azerbaijanis who live in Turkey can cope with them. It is enough that our respectful President (of Azerbaijan) leaves the matter to us, and then we will take Yerevan in a single day Insha’Allah. Also if our country let us go there, as they allow the others go to Syria and Iraq, they will see how brave we are.

If Azerbaijan gives up hope of peaceful solutions and turns to civil war, then no one will stay here anymore unlike the old days (everybody will go to help them).

We are the volunteered soldiers of Karabakh and we will drive the Armenians out of our home. Karabakh cannot even be a tomb for the Armenians; Karabakh is and will be ours. Thank God we have our state while others are trying to have a state. May God protect our everlasting state.

Why did the world’s hooligans come to Syria and Iraq? Why are they fighting? Who are they fighting for? It is very obvious in whose hospital they are treated and who gives them logistic support. “Israel”. And they do it egregiously; they feel no need to hide this.

May Allah help us not to be on the same side with Israel; for us, we prefer to be against Israel. Indeed, these disbelievers, as the advance guards of Israel are causing trouble to Muslim world. Sometimes by the nature of terrorism, they get out of control. When they are out of control, they hurt even their own side. Terrorism is like a rabid dog; it bites its owner, too. Why did they burn the Jordanian pilot? Is there a reason for this? Let’s say he is guilty from your point of view, and then execute him. What kind of mentality is it that you put the pilot into a cage and burn him alive and then serve him to the public opinion?

When I call such people as psycho, I am not saying this because of my grudge or anger. Can a person do this, if he is not a psycho?  We hope the Muslims will soon be victorious over these men. Believers are fighting against them and may Allah protect the leader of Muslims. It is the anniversary of Islamic Revolution these days.

We would like to express our gratitude to the people of Iran, the nation who made the revolution, and to the leader of this nation. May Allah grant them success. We wish and expect that the leader of the Revolution pay attention to the issue of Karabakh. If Iran and the brother country, Turkey support, Karabakh will be rescued in one day. We expect it from the Republic of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran and our Supreme Leader. May Allah protect them, and fill their hearts with heavenly light to rescue Karabakh Insha’Allah.


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