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Ozgunduz: Insulting to all the Religions should be Considered as a Crime

Speaking to thousands of people who had come together for Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, the Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated some important issues.  

17 Ocak 2015
Ozgunduz: Insulting to all the Religions should be Considered as a Crime

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is a never-ending light

Last week was the holy week of our Prophet’s birthday and for this occasion it was declared as the Week of Unity by Imam Khomeini. We are unfortunately feeling sad and sorry for the reason that the so-called Muslims have joined with the enemies of Islam and they are participating in insulting competition against Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

The reason of such attacks is that with the light of the Prophet, people of different religions and ethnic groups are converting to Islam despite the existing contradiction in east and west.

The fact that people are converting to Islam in crowds scares imperialist powers. As Allah has stated in Quran, the light of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) still continue to enlighten the world as it has always been the case for 1400 years. Intellectual people use the benefits of this holy light and will keep on this way. That light will cover all around the world and will triumph over all the other religions by the Prophet’s deputy and his last caliph, Imam Mahdi (AS). Islam will dominate all over the world even though the misbelievers get annoyed. This is what will happen, Allah willing.

International Institutions should Consider Insulting to the Religions as a Crime

We should not make fun of the Prophets. Pull yourself together; you cannot mock Allah’s messengers on the earth. Following it, I simply told that we condemn the massacre in France last week.

Why did you shoot the civilians? Why did you shoot that policeman whose duty was to stay there and who begged not to kill him, and called you as brother?

By condemning this murder, we announced our deep sorrow for the victims of that terror attack except for the person who drew the Prophet’s cartoons. On this sentence, I have received friendly criticisms from some people who had said ‘I wish you had not set that person apart.’

I stand by my word. If you play with our conscience, crazy people will be appeared as well as the smart ones, and such crazy people can act in a way that we do not approve of. Thus, in the process of improving something, it would be a pity to lose the good parts as well as the bad parts. We should pay attention to the useful things; they should not be thrown away along with the useless ones. So, let’s get rid of bad things but keep the good ones with us.

If you are trying to provoke and defame the path through which 1.5 billion of believers are walking, of course you have to come at its price. In this week, I affirmed the statement of the President of France. He asserted that since showing discrimination against Jews is considered as a crime, any kinds of attacks made to Muslims should also be regarded as a crime and should be punished.

I also agree with the explanation of Pope. There is no need to look for something devilish behind everything. Moreover, the right behavior should be appreciated. Pope stated “people are free but this freedom does not mean that they have right to be disrespectful towards each other’s beliefs.”

This is exactly what I was talking about, and we claimed it last year, as well. International institutions and the United Nations should establish a law and come up with persuader implications, not only for Islam, but also for all the religions in order to decrease religious attacks.

If this project is actually done, nobody will commit a murder. Indeed, no one will be so much arrogant that insult to another’s religion. If you object to what the Prophet has stated, then let’s see what you have to say. As the Quran informs: “And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.” (21:107)

You do not raise your voice against the U.S!

Muslims, please behave in a way which leads you in Allah’s satisfaction. All of the Muslims constitute one body. You know how the body reacts when a needle is touched on any parts of the body; it gets irritated and reacts. The same process happens if the Muslims get hurt. It does not matter on which part it is hurt, because all parts will be equally affected.

The utterances of the King of Bahrain, the king who has been appointed by the English, are in vain. For example: “Do not intervene in our internal affairs, why do you call for the release of Sheikh Ali Salman.”

When it comes to human rights, everyone meddles in your affairs. And when it comes to bullying your people, you put the Saudi regime’s tanks there and push them in their internal affairs (!). If you put an innocent and reasonable leader who owns the largest party in Bahrain and has much more power than you into prison, just because he wants justice and freedom for his country, everyone says no to this. When the U.S criticizes you, you do not raise your voice against them, but you do it when Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah does say the same.

The United Arab Emirates, how do you dare join with this? They also tell us not to interfere with it. For sure it is because they are the Arab kings of deserts; thus, they raise their voice against Muslims and have got furious and have become arrogant against them.

Even your western superiors claimed that what you have done with Sheikh Ali Salman’s imprisonment is unreasonable.

We always stand on our word. It is obvious that you are surrounded by fear but you accelerate your own end by what you are doing. The society will not be remained without a leader; a more radical leader might cause much more trouble. Therefore, arresting a smart leader who knows and understands what he says, brings you nothing but damage.

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