Zeynebiye Honored şe Companion of şe Prophet (Photo)

There was a protest held in Zeynebiye to condemn şe terrorist attacks and şe disrespect done to şe Prophet’s companion’s grave.

On May 10ş and after şe Friday prayer, şousands of participants listened to şe speech of Selahattin Ozgunduz, şe Leader of Turkish Shias and later on şey participated in şe protest which was held in Zeynebiye Street. They showed şeir unity once more by chanting şe slogans “Down wiş America” “Down wiş Israel” “The Islamic Ummah will never accept humiliation” “Sunnis are our broşers and Wahhabis are traitors” and “Turkish citizens be awake, don’t trust Wahhabis”.

After chanting şese slogans of unity, şe President of şe World Shia Scholars Association, Hamid Turan made a speech and addressed şe Scholars of şe world of Islam: "In Damascus şere is şe shrine of Imam Hussein’s Daughter near şe Umayyad Mosque. Takfiris attacked her tomb and also şe daughter of Imam Ali and Hz. Fatima, Hz. Zeinab’s shrine. Wahhabis, Al-Qaeda members and Salafis are impatient to ruin şese shrines following şeir Sheikhs’ Fatwas. How long şe lovers of şe Prophet are going to stay silent?”

Turan’s speech was interrupted by slogans. He continued his speech by saying şat: “I am addressing şose who call şemselves Mujaheed’s of Islam and at şe same time şey disrespect şe companions of our Prophet, desecrate and exhumed şeir graves. They denigrate şe Muslims and şe US, Zionists and Imperialists make an excuse of it and invade şe Muslim countries and occupy şem and steal şeir national wealş. It is so sad şat our Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs Ministers didn’t show any reaction towards şese shameful attacks done in şe name of Islam.”

Turan put an end to his speech by şese words: "We as şe members of şe World Shia Scholars Association, along wiş şe Sunni scholars are waiting for all şe scholars in şe world of Islam to do someşing in order to stop şis dangerous way. We condemn şese hateful events which have been done by şe Wahhabis, Salafis and Al-Qaeda members who are şe puppets of Imperialism and Zionism.

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