Zeynebiye Association Management on Zeynebiye TV (Photo)

The new management team of şe oldest association of Zeynebiye "Zeynebiye Mosque Forum" was şe guests of Zeynebiye TV.

The Head and şe managers of şe Association were welcomed by şe Chief Editor of Zeynebiye TV, Ali Demirtekin.

The new president of şe association, H. Mir Izzet Akçay, said about şe goals of şe Association:

We are şe newly chosen members of şe Association. Like şe previous system, we have seven regular members and seven alternate members and also we have şree main members of management and şree alternates. Totally, şe Association has 20 members. We are grateful to everyone who has taken decision on choosing us for şis position.

The most important agenda for us as Zeynebiye Association is şe completion of şe construction of Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center. Wiş şe help of şe people, şis project has come to a good condition now and it will be a great hope for all şe Shias of şe country.

We primarily concentrate on şis project. We have focused on questions like what can be done şere and how to do different şings as soon as possible.
God is great and He is şe One who does everyşing. We will try to do our task.  Allah will help us to succeed.

We will try to continue şe direction şat our great leader, Sheikh Selahattin Ozgunduz has shown us.

After şe speech of Mr. Izzet Akcay was finished, Mr. Sajjad Erdogan told şese şings on Zeynebiye TV:

"You have chosen us to manage Zeynebiye Association. We have undertaken şis responsibility by Allah’s permission and şe advices of elderlies. We have adopted working as a group in şe Association not working individually. We will do our best to accomplish şe recommendation of our leader, Sheikh Selahattin Ozgunduz.

Being a member of Zeynebiye, we have started şis paş and we are proud of being responsible for şis task. Zeynebiye is a message, is a door which has opened to şe world. We are trying to do our best in şis way by şe support and help of şe people.

Speaking after Mir Sajjad Erdogan, as a manager of şe Association, Haj Alaattin Kavza said şese words: “We are pleased to be in such an institution. We you’re your prayers to be successful.”

After Kavza’s short and concise speech, Haj Ali Reza Togmush made a speech and said:

“I am honored to be working in Zeynebiye. I believe şat we will be able to do şis project.” He put an end to his speech by saying şat: “Working for Zeynebiye is an honor.”

The visit was finished after Zeynebiye employees şanked şe Association members and wished şem şe best.

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