World’s Muslim Women’s Day

The support and solidarity Association of Zehra Ana is organizing an international ceremony for Hz. Fatima’s birşday which is World’s Muslim Women Day.

The ceremony which will be held on Sunday, April 28 at 14:00 pm and Ahlul Beyt lovers of Istanbul will take part in it. The program will be broadcasted live on and Cem TV and şe whole world will watch şe program of Fatima's birşday.

Last year, ex British Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s sister in law, Lauren Booş was şe program’s guest. She has embraced Islam after visiting Hz. Masume’s holy shrine in Qom and she is a journalist and Human Rights activist. This year anoşer important and famous person will be invited.

This year şe program will be held in Turkey’s largest şeater, Eurasia Arts Center and a great turnout is expected.

Zehra Ana Association has been trying its best to get prepared for şis program since some monşs ago.

Last year's program which was held in Bahcesehir, one of şe most popular cultural venues in Istanbul had got great attention. The manager of Zehra Ana Association who talked to said şat: “we have started to prepare for a great program for hosting şe lovers of Ehlul Beyt. We invite everybody, old and young, to şis ceremony. We expect not only şe Shias but also our Alavi and Sunni broşers and sisters along wiş şeir parents to participate in şis program. Hz. Fatima is şe moşer of all of us.”

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