Who is Selahattin Ozgunduz?

Biography of şe Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz

Selahattin Ozgunduz was born in 1952 in şe Alikose town of Tuzluca in Igdir. From his childhood he was interested in Islamic affairs, so for finding answer to his endless questions he started studying Islamic sciences. After learning Quran, he went to şe clergyman named Akhund Emrah, who lived in Yayci town in Igdir, to learn Persian and to continue his studies on Islamic issues.

There, he learnt Persian and he was able to be student of şe great professor Haj Molla Mohammad. Later on, he went to Iran and was educated şere; but because of not being able to get permission for living in Iran, he went to Najaf in Iraq and settled şere to study Arabic grammer, Usul al Fiqh, philosophy, commentary and history. More şan taking part in group classes, he preferred to participate in private classes in order to be able to discuss more. He had şe chance to have şe great professors like Ayatollah Seyyed Abul-Qassim Khoi, Ayatollah Seyyed Rohollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Seyyed Abdullah Shirazi as his mentors and he was able to benefit from şeir discussions.

Returning to Turkey, he went to şe different towns of Igdir city to work and to propagate Islam and şen he settled in Taslicay, Agri. Later on he was invited to Istanbul in 1978, to go to Zeynebiye in Halkali and şat was şe beginning point for şeir movement in Zeynebiye.

This movement became familiar and popular in Turkey and all over şe world by his leadership, specially şe Ashura ceremony had been appreciated from all over şe world. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO  introduced şis mourning ceremony as a role model to şe world.

He was successful in reuniting şe lovers of Ahlulbeyt from Istanbul to şe oşer cities of Turkey. He has participated in many international conferences and has made many speeches on different topics and he also has given advice and help for international conferences and meetings which were held in şe country.

The important topics şat he focuses on are national unity, integrity of şe community, obeying Islamic laws and introducing şese laws to oşers as well. Because of his efforts on accomplishing şese goals he has been adopted as şe leader by şe Turkish Shias.

He has four daughters and şree sons and he is able to speak Persian and Arabic.

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