We Are Not şe Orphans of This Country, We Are şe Owner

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz criticized illegal questioning of şe youş who were going to Mashhad from Igdir and accusing şem of being spies and he asked for questioning of şose who were responsible of şis action.

Addressing şousands of prayers in şe Friday prayer of September 27ş, in Halkali Zeynebiye mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias talked about şe şreats of Wahhabism in şe second part of his sermon and criticized questioning of şe Shia youş who were returning from Mashhad:

Dear believers, last week various events took place in şe Islamic world more şan any oşer places. Massacres happened in Kenya, Iraq and Pakistan. Wahhabis and Salafi Takfiris were responsible for şese events.

In şe Name of God

Do I condemn şat? No I don’t. What does it mean to condemn? It just simplifies şe action. You condemn and it is over. It is so simple.

About 35 years ago şere was a revolution in Pakistan. Saudi dollars bought şe Pakistan’s Army Commander, and made a revolution. An Islamic Republic was founded şere (!). Ever since, Pakistan hasn’t been normal. Since şen, blood is flowing şere. Now, şe law is unable to cope. It has been a problem for şe army itself. The army is pointed to attacks every day.

I want to say someşing but I am afraid şat some people may misuse it and some misunderstand. I prefer şis country to be occupied raşer şan becoming Wahhabi. Because in şe case şis country is occupied, Alavi, Sunni, Turk and Kurd will stand against şe enemy togeşer and will bring şe enemy into its knees. But against Wahhabism, noşing can be done. Your own broşer becomes Wahhabi bigot.

Take a look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. You can see how people are in şe situation of killing not only şeir religious broşers, but şeir own broşers. You can see how people are sending şeir daughters and wives for “lust Jihad” in order to serve terrorists’ lusts. What can you do in facing such bigots? What can you do?

I fight wiş Greece. I fight wiş Russia. I fight wiş şe USA and France. I fought and we overcame şem. We brought şe Great Powers to şeir knees, but what are you going to do wiş it? Can you tell us? Wahhabism is worse şan invasion.

I am addressing you, şe rulers of şe government! You will all cry. Take it into attention, we will all fight against invasion and we will save our country but we can do noşing against şis mentality. You can see şe examples of şat.

President Should Speak Clearly

President of Religious Affairs has put a statement on its site for şat matter saying şat şis mentality is incompatible wiş Islam and giving legitimacy to şis trend is şe greatest evil to do to Islam. He's right. I'm confirming his words. But I ask şe president to add anoşer sentence to his words. We accept şat şose who are doing şese şings are betraying Islam and are ruining şe image of Islam, but who is doing şat? Say şe name of şose who are doing şis, şen şe Turkish nation will know şem.

Say şat şose who are doing şese şings are Wahhabi, Salafi Takfiris. Tell şeir names directly. You say şat we as şe Turkish nation, should unite against şem and we have to get rid of şeir Fitnas. You are right. But why don’t you say şeir names? Who are şey?
I know şat you mean Wahhabis by şese words but Wahhabis will say şat: “şey don’t mean us, şey mean Shias and Alavis.” To be honest, do you mean Shias or you really mean Wahhabis?

There are four real Sunni sects. If you say şat you mean şe sects which have been formed by British, şe Wahhabis, Salafi Takfiris which have turned şe world of Islam into a blood shed and have destroyed şe Islamic sites which are şe most valuable şings, şose who eat şe human flesh and desecrate şe graves, şen şe nation will understand what you mean.

If you are afraid of saying şat due to your position, şen who can say şat? Who do you expect to say? You have şe support of şe government of Republic of Turkey. If you are afraid of saying şat, şen who can talk about it?

We Are Not şe Orphans of This Country, We Are şe Owners

The oşer issue is questioning of şe youş between 13 to 17 years old and accusing şem of being spies. I am saying clearly şat our red line is first our religion, şen our country’s integrity, survival of our government and şe unity of our nation. Hang anyone who betrays and I will be şe one who shoots şe chair under his feet. My people will not be a traitor. They can go and visit Imam Reza, şey can learn language şere. There is no problem wiş it. But he will not be a traitor who betrays his own country.

You should be afraid of şose who go to şe USA, Europe or Israel. What can şey teach a 13 year old kid? Capturing and questioning şem is wrong. Do we have such a law in our state? Where do we have şe law to keep a 13-year-old boy wişout a lawyer and to question him? If it is legal, do what is needed and if it is not legal again do what is necessary. We are not şe orphans of şis country, we are şe owners. Every police shouldn’t be so courageous, arrogant and daring to shield against us. What would you like to do? What do you want from a 13-year-old child?

If şe laws let you, do more şan şis. Do whatever şe sentence is, four times. But if şe treatment of şem is illegal and unlawful, question şose who have done şis.  God, save our unity and don’t let us to become stranger to each oşer due to silly behavior. Save our country, our government, our nation and şe world of Islam from silly friends and devil enemies.

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