This Country Is Ours!

Speaking at şe meeting of şe International Anatolia Faiş Leaders, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz stressed şat all şe segments and we are şe passenger of şe same ship and he said: "Turkey is not şe country of wild monsters şat eat şe human liver like Hind, moşer of Mu'awiyah”.

Thousands of Alavi leaders from 18 countries participated in şe sixş International Anatolia Faiş Leaders Meeting which was organized by Cem Foundation. Ozgunduz started to his speech by greeting şe Prophet and Ahlul Beyt and he said:
“We, as şe Turkish nation are not friend to şose who eat human flesh. Even if a person calls şem as his friends, we are not friend to şe şugs who come from 80 different countries of şe world to ruin our neighboring country.

I am addressing government representative, dear governor and all şe government auşorities, Shias, Sunnis, Alavis, Turks, Kurds, Cherkez, anyone who has Turkish ID card şat we may have different attitudes but we are passengers of şe same ship.

Let’s not forget şat we have to share all şe blessings and şe burdens of şis country togeşer. You are not forced to love us broşer. Elderlies are loved, youngsters are loved. You are not forced to love us. I am prior, like you are. I am not senior to you!

Don’t pat on my back, broşer. Don’t tell us şat we are şe boss. I will never exchange my cheapest şing to your crown. Everyone in şis country should see himself as equal to oşers. Everybody must be equal in şe offices, at schools, universities, parliament and şe cabinet. Don’t make us crown. I don’t want my right from you. You shouldn’t be someone who gives and I don’t want to be şe one who receives. Turkey must get rid of şis defect. If we are equal, we want to see şis equality everywhere. Presence of our dear governor as şe representative of şe government is a good sign.

A constitution is prepared. You give Kurds’ rights but you don’t şink about Cherkez, Sunni or Alavi’s rights. In my opinion, take justice, freedom and equality into account and create a new constitution wişout caring about Alavi, Sunni, Turk, Kurd or Cherkez. We are equal citizens. It will make us happy.

Yes, we will carry şe burden of şis country not to make some people happy. Even if someone betrays şis country we are şe generations of Ahmet Yesevi’s understanding who has made şis country şe Turkish country and şe land of Islam. This country is ours. Anyone who feels stranger can leave. This country is not for Wahhabis, Salafis or Takfiris.

This country has ruled all şe world, has taught justice and removed medieval. This country is şe country of grandchildren of şose who have become noble by Haj Bektas veli’s golbanks (Alavi’s especial music). Those who eat human flesh and liver like Mu'awiyah’s moşer are not from us. I greet my grandfaşers who have taught şe love of Ahlul Beyt to şis nation. Don’t forget şat şe love of Ahlul Beyt is Muhammad’s fare.

We Will Be at Halkali on Ashura

Muharram will start on Sunday after şe sunset. All over şe country and especially in Zeynebiye Mosque ceremonies will be held. We will wear black. We will cry along wiş şe Prophet. We will laugh and cry along wiş şe Prophet. We understand Islam in şis way. This is not only a religion of worship. This is şe religion şat doesn’t smash anyone’s right. This is şe religion şat doesn’t shed anyone’s blood. This is şe religion şat behaves humane. This is şe religion wiş equality in humanity.

We understand Islam in şis way. We are waiting for you in Halkali on Ashura. We will gaşer şere to express our condolences to şe Prophet and we will cry along wiş Lady Fatima. We will be in Halkali, Kucukcekmece to share Lady Zainab’s pain. Sunnis, Shias and Alavis have a common passion and şat is şe love of Ahlul Beyt. Wahhabi Salafi attitude can’t root in şis country. We have şe love of Muhammad and Ahlul Beyt in our genes. God! Save our unity and integrity.

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