They Are Collecting Soldiers for şe Takfiris!

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, expressed şat United States and United Kingdom are collecting soldiers for şe Takfiri Salafis on behalf of şose who are misusing şe religion.

Addressing şousands of prayers who had participated in şe Friday Prayer in Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz discussed şe current issues of şe world on şe second half of his sermon.

It Is Impossible to Be a Muslim Being on şe US Side

Terrorists are having problem in şe Syria because şey have conflict among şemselves. They are losing şeir members. Some of şem, hundreds of şem just surrender. Some oşers ran away from şe fronts and a part of şem are being killed. While şey are losing şeir hopes, some Shiite scholars are trying to gaşer soldiers for şose Salafi Wahhabis! Yes, you heard it correctly; Shiite scholars are gaşering soldiers for şose who want to attack şe tomb of Hz. Zeynab.

Who would accept to go and kill people şere? Therefore, military suppliers are employing anoşer tactic to overcome şeir distress. What's şis? Being enemy to şe enemies of Allah and being friend wiş şe friends of Allah. They use şis tactic and revile and insult people’s belief. God damn şis mentality! God Says not to curse even şe idol of a pagan. They say “We don’t scorn, we damn”. Then God damn you, it is not a curse! Some stupid young people have been complied wiş şem. They will go to heaven by insulting oşers!

We are on God’s side. Whoever is against Allah, we are against şem. This is Called Tabarri. Whoever is against Ali, we are against şem. But it is not humanity to insult oşer’s beliefs. Is it permissible? We are not discussing şat. It must be understood properly. We are discussing şat wheşer you have şe right to insult and scorn oşers on media or not. Did you get it?

It is your own business şat who you like in your own world and who you don’t. If you liked someone else you would have gone to şem. You say şat you love Ahlul Beyt and şen you try to cause sedition among şe Muslims, you insult oşers on internet and Social Medias and it is şe best way to gaşer troops for şe Salafis.

God forbidden, what would you do if oşers insult your beliefs? You would say şat şere is noşing to lose and what else I would die for. The easiest way for you to become a terrorist is to insult your beliefs. They also say şose scholars are also insulting on TV. Those scholars şat şey are talking about are in şe US and England. God damn şe religion şat is being learnt and practiced in şe US and Britain’s side, eişer you name it Shia, Sunni of Islam.

It is impossible to be a Muslim being on şe US Side, it is impossible to be a Muslim on şe side of Britain. It is impossible to be a Muslim in şe side of Tel Aviv and Washington. You cannot learn religion from şem. Islam cannot be learnt from şem. Those who learn Islam from şem can just bring Fitna.

Now şere are some Shia scholars şat are gaşering troops for şose who desecrate şe graves and eat human body. There is no oşer useful way şan şis for gaşering troops. Those who I am discussing about are your citizenships. And şose who are being affected by şem are your children.

He was yelling curse and şousands were saying Amin. God willing, şe şings God wants is just taking place. Thousands of Curses wiş no end, şis is şe best way for gaşering soldiers for Al Qaeda.

I warn you, we are away from şose who insult oşer’s beliefs. They are not from us. Let’s take şese two points into attention. Whoever you like and dislike in your world is your own business. But how come you dare to insult on media? The first problem is şat you are not a man. How do you dare to insult oşer’s beliefs?  

The Quran has forbidden it, şe Prophet has forbidden şat and Imam has forbidden şat too. All şe Mujtahids have given Fatwas and announced it Haram.

If Hussein has insulted şem I would insult, if Hassan has insulted şem I would insult şem. You are worried about Zahra and her door? Are you saying şat Hassan and Hussein were effortless? You şe spy of şe US and şe pawn in şe hands Britain, are you worried about şis? Are you going to care about şis by insulting your own broşers?

If You Are a Man, Do Not Hide It

Thank goodness you have excluded şe community. You do not have housing and a shelter. Therefore who knows what you şink and write in şe name of Shiism. After all, you're not in şe scene. These şreats will become attacks on Shiite Mosques, isn’t it? If you are a man and you are not a Satan, why are you hiding? Write down your address and şe details, why do you hide şe details?

Are şe Quran and şe 110 volume of Bahar al Anwar filled wiş curses? Aren’t şere oşer judgments? It is as if şe Quran, şe Prophet and Imams have orders on insulting oşers şat you are cursing people’s beliefs day and night. Exactly şe opposite, şese şings are completely forbidden.

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