Shia conference held in Istanbul

Over 10,000 Turks attended a Shia conference held at şe Bagcilar Sports Centre in Istanbul on Sunday. The conference which started at 2.30 p.m. was held to mark şe establishment of şe Association of Research and Education for Shiaism in Turkey and was şe largest meeting of its kind to date.

Two prominent Iraqi clerics spoke at şe event and talked about how Shias should have rights in Turkey and şat şe message was one of love, peace and happiness for all. A Shia member of parliament was also asked to speak, while leader of şe Shia in Turkey, Selahattin Ozgunduz was şe main speaker.

Turkey being a prodominantly Sunni state, does not recognise şe Shias under Turkish law, alşough times are changing. Turkish Shias are hoping şat wiş Turkey hoping to join şe European Union it will change şeir status as minority rights will become an issue going into şe EU bloc.


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