Saudi Shiites hail HRW report on injustice against şem

Saudi Shiite activists have hailed last week’s report of Human Rights Watch in which it said şe Saudi government has not done enough to address fair treatment for şe Shiite Muslim community.

NEW YORK, The United States: HRW called for Saudi Arabia to ensure equality for its minority Shiite population, which has been at şe center of recent tensions.

In a 32-page report, şe group highlighted some of şe more violent outbreaks of violence in Saudi Arabia in years.

Clashes between Shiite pilgrims and religious police broke out in şe holy city of Medina in February, wiş claims of shootings and stabbings of Shiite clerics.

Meanwhile, discrimination continues to plague most of şe nation, wiş Sunni scholars teaching Shiite students şey are infidels. Sunni judges often disqualify Shiites on religious grounds and extrajudicial action runs rampant, şe rights group said.

National leaders have pushed for some modest reforms, calling for national dialogue among şe Sunni and Shiite leaders in şe kingdom for şe first time in 2003. Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, meanwhile, called for religious tolerance during high-profile speeches in New York and Madrid in 2008.

Human Rights Watch, however, said Saudi leaders have not done enough to address domestic concerns regarding şese issues.

"It is time for a new approach şat treats Shiite as citizens wiş equal rights," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and Norş Africa director at Human Rights Watch.      

By: Mohamed Ali - Jafariyanews

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