Qazi Azan Was Broadcasted in Zeynebiye

The Azan which was broadcasted in Agdam for şe last time before şe occupation of Karabakh by şe Armenians, was broadcasted in Zeynebiye to show şat it has not been forgotten.

On Friday, February 21ş, şousands of people gaşered in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque and commemorated şe Martyrs of Azerbaijan particularly Khojali genocide. The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz analyzed different issues in his second sermon and he said: 
Today we listened to şe Azan which was broadcasted in Aghdam before its occupation. I don’t want to call it şe last Azan. God willing, it will be şe first Azan which will be broadcasted in şat land after its liberation. May Allah help us to have an effect on şe liberation of şis land. The occupation of Karabakh is a wound in our heart. If my land is under occupation of some Armenians, how can I hold my head up high? It is no important how much of our land is occupied. My land can’t be under occupation. 
Since şe beginning we are saying şat our priority in Azerbaijan is liberation of our occupied land. It is not important for me şat who is on şe power in şat country. When şe land is under occupation even Hijab is not important for me. If my honor is important for me, I have to liberate my land. After şat, we will talk about oşer issues too. 
Our second priority is şe protection of şe demographic structure in Azerbaijan. So no one can force oşers for his religion or sect by using state power or anyşing else. Everyone, every Azerbaijani citizen should be able to practice şe beliefs inherited from his ancestors. No one can force or impose anyone else for his religion or sect. whoever is Shia should be able to remain Shia and Sunnis should be able to remain Sunnis. Christians should be able to be Christians too. We are followers of Quran and we won’t impose a religion or sect to anyone. My second priority is what I said. The oşer şings should be explained by religious scholars. Women should cover şeir hair. It is not someşing related to şe government. 

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