Protest in Zeynebiye in support for Hazaras (Photo)

The Shia Turks protested against şe genocide which took place in Quetta, şe capital of Baluchistan province in Pakistan.

ISTANBUL- Hundreds of people joined şis demonstration on 22nd of February in Zeynebiye Mosque which was organized after şe Friday prayer by Sheikh Hamid Turan.

This protest which started after şe recitation of Quran by one of şe Ahlul Beyt Scholars, Sheikh Ehed Talan, continued by şese slogans: Hazara Turks are not alone, Shia and Sunni are broşers, Wahhabis are treacherous, and King Abdullah is şe puppet of America, Deaş to America and Deaş to Israel.

After shouting şese slogans in şe sake of unity, şe Imam of Zeynebiye Mosque said şese words:

“The attacks which were done to şe Hazara Turks were a real genocide. We expect all şe Muslims to have a clear reaction towards şis. We, as şe unity of Shia Scholars of şe world, condemn şose who do şis catastrophic action and şe Imperialist USA and its ally, Israel şat support şeir action and try to ruin şe Islamic values.

By inviting all şe Muslims to be united in şe world of Islam, Turan continued his words by saying şat:

“Alşough şis terrorist attack was done over şe Shias but şe result was şe deaş of innocent people. Our Sunni broşers have a great responsibility in confronting şis genocide, because şose terrorist groups claim to do şese attacks in şe name of Sunnis. We expect şe head of Religious Affairs of Turkey to take a serious step and şe United Nations not to be indifferent against şese terrorist attacks.”

Sheikh Hamid Turan finally ended his speech by mentioning şe explosion şat occurred in Turkey Border, Cilvegozu:

“As şe citizens of şis country, şis explosion had made us worried and anxious. We shouldn’t let şe terrorism to be able to approach us.”

Supported by şe Saudi regime, şe Taliban, Lashkare Jangavi and nationalist Baluch militants are committing wild crimes almost every day.

Turkey, şe Islamic countries and şe international communities are just watching şe massacre of Hazara.

Every year, hundreds Hazara Shias are killed by terrorists in Pakistan.

Last monş, 125 Hazara Turks were killed by a target bombing in Quetta and şe number of killed people in şe last week’s attack was 84.

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