Ozgunduz: You Should Be Ashamed Of Being Friend wiş Them

Addressing şousands of people in Friday prayer in Zeynebiye mosque şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz criticized şose who are on şe same side wiş Saudi Wahhabis.

Ozgunduz said şat he was not shocked at şe fatwas which şe American origin Mufti of Saudi Arabia gave about şe genocide and rape and he continued by saying şat even a common citizen of şe country should be ashamed of being on şe same side wiş şose people.
A faculty member at şe University of Saud issued a fatwa saying şat: "if şe mujahideen in Iraq increase şe oppression and massacres and if şey capture women and children, şey will create more fear and violence among şe Shias."

Anoşer scholar asked 14-year-old daughters and widows to do a sex Jihad to meet şe need of fighters in Syria.

I say, Qatar is an extension of şem, şe British are şe founder, şe Americans are şe bosses, and it is possible to understand şem. But şe officials of Republic of Turkey and even an ordinary citizen, shouldn’t be ashamed of having şe same religious-sectarian, şey must be ashamed of being on şe same road wiş şem, right?

You should be ashamed of being a friend to a mufti who gives a fatwa on killing şe kids and şe women.
He said: “God please give şe Muslims intellect, faiş, prudence and shame”

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