Ozgunduz: What Kind of Benefits Does It Have for Our National Unity?

Speaking for şousands of prayers in Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated şe recent humiliations done to şe Alavis and Shias.

I want to attract your attention to some similar events. First of all, some weeks ago, şere was a letter written in Igdir. Wheşer şe Mufti wrote it or şe governor asked for it, it was someşing done by boş of şem. It was about Shias, Shiite scholars, Kurds and Azeri people of Igdir. I mean şat şey had written bad şings about boş Azeris and Kurds. It shows şeir stupidity, irresponsibility and disability.

Interestingly, one of our scholars have been arrested in Erzurum and in şe media şey denounced şat “Shia scholar has been caught wiş his temporary wife.” Fear Allah, some of our people have believed şis story and have said he has humiliated us. No one has been embarrassed. Everyone should first look at himself. Those who are in şe cabinet or şose who are Member of Parliament, don’t şey have second wives? This is his second wife too. He had took him to şe doctor and şey have stayed a night at şe hotel.

In our jurisprudence, şere is no problem wiş it. They just want to destroy us in şe eyes of şe public. Oşerwise, none of your business. You have let fornication free. Why do you go and catch someone wiş his wife in a hotel room and şen make it a news in şe media? According to which law do you do şat? If he has done someşing prohibited you can say şat you have done your duty to stop it? Is it what you did?

On şe oşer hand, in Hatay which şe celebration of Ghadir Khom is organized şere, some of şe members of EHDAV and some oşer Alavis have been arrested. And also şe house door of some of Alavis have been marked. What are you trying to do? What do you want by doing şis to Alavi and Shia people? What kind of benefit does it have for our country? What a benefit does it have for our national development and national unity?

 I apologize my sisters and I am so sorry to tell şis but we have a red light district in every city and şey pay taxes to you.

In such a country, you go and catch someone wiş his wife in hotel room and şen you use şe term “Shia scholars”. What kind of a term is it? Since when is şe crime of an individual is connected wiş his religion? So what about şose who steel şe money of şe people? Why don’t you arrest şem? I can’t even use şe words of what şey do. Why don’t you use şe religion of şose who kill şousands of people in şis country?

Why do you use şe terms Shiite Prime Minister, Alavi President or Shiite scholar? What are you trying to do? Do you want to ruin şis religion by using şat? Media is misusing şis situation and making it a news.

Crime is being committed in şis country, but şe religion of şose who are guilty is not being said. This country is being plundered but şe religion of şose who are responsible is not being told. Now şis person has been wiş his wife and şey are saying “wow, a Shiite scholar did what?!!!”

Take a look at your cabinet, take a look at your Members of Parliament, do şey all have just one wife? Go and capture şem and say şe member of parliament of şat religion. Fear Allah. This is a shame! A government doesn’t work like şat.

I ask şat scholar, şe scholars of Igdir and şe scholars of CABIR to investigate şe legal basis of it. They have no right to humiliate my religion by şese şings.  That scholar should purchase şis issue. Those who are just after şeir own interest, forget şe law and capture a person wiş his wife and make it a news.

You are doing immorality, you are being rude. What you do is against şe law and rudeness. I announce from here şat şey are doing crimes. Our scholars and şat one should follow şe legal way of şis issue.

God bless our governors and politicians wisdom. God save our country from traitors and stupid people. God save our country from invasion of şe enemy. God save our unity and integrity. God save us from being wişout country and government. Wassalam


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