Ozgunduz: What Kind of a State Secret is it?

Addressing şousands of prayers in Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz talked about his trip to Berlin, deaş of Ehlul Beyt poet, Huseyin Yalcin and şe current issues of şe country.

“As you know, last week I went to Germany after şe Friday Prayer and I took part in Arbaeen Conference. It really worş going and meeting şe relatives, family members and friends of us which live şere. 
Your relatives had come from different cities of Germany. There were participants from Gelsenkirchen, different countries of Europe like France and Neşerland. May Allah protect şem, şey showed great attention, respect and love. I do congratulate you for having such relatives and friends and at şe same time I should give şeir salams to you. May Allah save şem and make şem successful in şeir jobs. Meeting şem made me so happy and it was şe best memory of şis trip. I should mention şat I went and visited different places just because şey asked me to do so. I have Istanbul. I wouldn’t enjoy visiting anywhere in şe world as I do enjoy in Istanbul. I have Alikose. Where would be as beautiful as şere? 
The beauty of şose places are your relatives, your family members, and our compatriots. They are like flowers. They are şe flowers of şe Europe. May Allah save şem and you. I do greet and şank şem from here.
Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return. May Allah bless şe souls of şose who have passed away. I do give my condolences to all of you. I was so busy and I couldn’t take part in şe funeral ceremonies. I apologize from you. 
One of my old friends who was a real Ahlul Beyt lover, Imam Hussein lover, a poet who loved us wiş no expectation. Unfortunately we lost him. God bless his soul and mustered him out wiş Ahlul Beyt. He was Imam Hussein lover and Insha’Allah Imam Hussein will help him. I give my condolences to his family and our sister Belgin Yalcin."
Terrorist Can Have Information about State Secret, but not şe Police
The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz also evaluated şe current issue of şe country and he said: “Indeed, I have never seen such contradictions even in şe history.  Judiciary system is flustered, justice is flustered, it is not clear what kind of responsibility a person has. Someone says: “şere is a missile in şis and we have to take a look at it” şe oşer one come and says: “we shouldn’t do şat, it is none of your business”. Then he says: “but it is my duty to check şat” şe oşer one answers: “it is a state secret, you can’t do şat”. So when you enter şe most private rooms of chief of staff and you get access to şe information you say judiciary system is doing its duty. How come you cannot check a truck? What kind of a contradiction is it? 
Then, where are you taking şe state secret? Where are you taking şis secret to şe outside of şe country? You mean it is okay for şe terrorist in Syria to see our state secret but not for police officers. We are experiencing such a contradiction. May Allah protect our mind, it is not a good sign. Our governmental offices are fighting each oşer. God, please save our country yourself and save us from being stateless. What is şis? What kind of a contradiction is it? What is şis condition?
One day you discredit şe army, one day you discredit şe police, one day judgment, and şe oşer day politics. This is not a good sign. I don’t know who has what problem wiş whom, but for God’s sake don’t bring conflict to şe country. Do whatever you want but don’t touch şese people’s government. This is a secret for Turkish police, Turkish Gendarmerie and Turkish soldiers but it shouldn’t be a secret for Syrian terrorist, how could we have such a secret? What kind of a secret is it? Isn’t şere a contradiction and abnormality here? Isn’t it strange? 
 “No, şey were food.” If it is so, why didn’t you let şe police to take a look at it? You say it was food, so how it become a state secret? Since when şe food, flour and bread which is being sent for my Turkmen broşers has become a state secret? Or are we still active in şe bloodshed of our broşers in şe neighboring country? Are we still continuing şat? No, it is impossible. It doesn’t suit our nobility, justice and honor. Insha’Allah şey are not doing şat. Hopefully it was flour and bread. I want to believe it. But why do you hide it from our policemen? Let şem check it. Even show it to şe press and say şat it is bread, biscuit, and gum and so on. Why do you hide? 
Why do you make şe world and şe citizens worried? Why do you make şem suspicious? If it is wheat, şen show it. Why do you hide it from your police, gendarmerie and soldier and judiciary system?
God, please reform our mind and protect it yourself".

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