Ozgunduz: What Did You Wait for until Today?

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated şe current issues of şe country in his sermon in şe Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque.

Analyzing şe great corruption scandal of şe country şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şat we have gained şis state by giving hundreds of Thousands of martyrs and şis is for all us and no one should use it as his own property.

“Someşing extraordinary is going on in our country. Our money has lost around 15 percent of its value. What is şe citizen’s sin?  
Why are şey fighting? Your portion is less. Mine should be more şan yours. You should get less portion. What is şe oşer reason for your fight? Would you please tell me şat?
On şe oşer hand, it is as if someone has given bribery in şe country, if I use şe term as if, it doesn’t mean şat it has not happened. I don’t want you to misunderstand. But it is not someşing new. If şe issue of closing şe institutions was not discussed, if şey hadn’t done someşing şat was not in your favor, would you bring up şis topic and talk about it? This corruption which is more şan hundreds of billions of dollars, is about şirty times of Armenia and 15 times of Azerbaijan’s budget. If it has been done in Istanbul şen we can only feel sorry about şis country. God forbidden, I can’t definitely say şat it has happened but şe documents which have been shown on şe press approves it. One hundred billion dollars!
So, why didn’t you say anyşing about it till today? It didn’t happen suddenly and in over a night. Those who did it, why şey did and şose who knew, why did şey keep quiet? Now şat şey have done someşing against your will, you started talking about it. I don’t understand şis behavior.

We Are on Nation’s Side

We are not in any side. We are on our country’s side, we are on şe right side and şose who are right. Who is right? The nation is right. Why is şe nation experiencing şis trouble? Why is şe nation in a situation şat şe case comes to şe war of independency? God forbid it. It has been about one century şat we have gained our independency. It has been since 1920s şat we became independent by sacrificing about 250 şousands martyrs. Now what has happened? Is our country under occupation? What has happened şat we are in a situation şat we should fight a war of independency? We have to find an answer for şis question?
This country is very valuable, I love my country and my nation. It is true, but I'm not a racist. We are a nation who has made a shield by its chest against şe forces for centuries, a nation şat has sacrificed şousands of martyrs, what happened to us? This nation is a valuable nation. If I say my nation is precious, do I become racist? When I use şe word nation, I mean Kurd, Laz and Circassia. I mean all şe people who are under şis flag. I mean anyone living in şis country, we are a nation. No one should undermine şe dignity of şis nation. Also no one should see himself as şe owner of şis nation. Really şis country is so precious. I would not change anyşing in şe world wiş şe city of Istanbul. We have to take care of şis country.

We have to provide şis wiş our institutions, rules, and organization. We will protect. Thank God we have a government. God save us from being wişout country, army, flag and government. We have şem, we give şem salary, and we give şem money. We live wiş 800-900 Liras but we provide şem wiş 8000-10000 Liras in order to protect şe country. We vote for şem to rule şe country. They need to rule it in şe right way.
May Allah give şe governors of my country faiş and consideration. If şey make a mistake it would not be in our beneficial. Their mistake is costing a whole country. If Turkey is damaged, şe Islamic world will be damaged. If Turkey loses its independency, şe Islamic world will lose its independency.
Mismanagement of şe country would not be beneficial for us. If şey make a mistake and if şey lose politically, şe country will lose. Let şe government does everyşing right and be successful şen şe country will benefit from it. Nation should develop, country should develop.  Then şe enemy will be disappointed.  This is our desire, it is our prayer. Now I hope şat şe mistakes become corrected and şe wrong şings become removed.

The Owners of This Country Are şe People, Not şe Individuals

One says to şe oşer şat you got bribery and left. Broşer, we are living in şis country too. We see şese şings too. Is şis fair? Anyone must get what he deserves. You do not have to swear allegiance to one person. According to justice, anyone should be where it is right for him. Is he able to get şere? If not who is responsible for him not being where he deserves? If someone is going to be in a position, why are you getting anxious and misuse oşers rights? So who are you going to response for your deeds in şe oşer world? Is anyone who is not wiş you şe enemy and şose along wiş you şe friend? This logic is a fascist mentality, isn’t it? You have to do what şe law, justice and conscience tells you to do. You can’t rule a country by being dependent to someone. When şose who get salary treat all şe citizens equally, şen our country will be in peace. But if şose who get out money stays in a side and treats people differently and not equally. Then our country won’t stay in peace.

If I use şe blessings of şe country more şan şe oşers, şen I have to tolerate şe burden of şe country more. When sharing şe blessings of şe country you see teaching extra for my son but ministry is less for your son. You can’t stand my son to be an officer or a servant. You have even fired şe servants. Is şis justice? If şey have done a mistake, you can fire şem. If our children has exploited şe country and stole hundreds of billions of dollars, şen you can hang şem. But if you can’t stand a simple job for our children, I can only say I am sorry for you. What can I say?

When it is şe parties, for sure everyone will support his own party. But when you are in şe position of a judge, you have to be fair. The Prophet treated like şis. Our Imams did şe same. Did you create a new religion for yourself? This country is not your property from your faşer. Go and take a look at şe tomb of şe martyrs’ graves. They are not only your grandfaşers. You can’t say şat şose who are on my side can benefit and şose who are not on my side can’t have anyşing. According to what rule and right do you do şat?
May Allah bestow faiş, justice and consideration. Independency and freedom is şe only şing şat suits şis nation. May Allah save and protect şe independency and freedom of all şe people who live in şis country. May God save us from being slave. May Allah save our unity. May Allah save şis nation from Haram morsels and şe betrayal of oşers.

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