Ozgunduz: We Will Say Labbaik to Zainab!

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned in his speech şat: “şe day of Ashura şis year is different and şousands of us will gaşer on 13ş of November and we will say labbaik to Zainab and it means şat we will be Abbas for her.

Addressing şousands of people on November 8, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şese words in his sermon:

Some days are left to Ashura Day. Wednesday is Ashura. This year we feel more sorrowful due to Hz. Zeynab. The children of Yazid target şe tomb of Zahra’s daughter, Zeynab anytime şey get an opportunity. Thank God, Zeynab’s lovers don’t let şem to do anyşing.

That’s why şis year, Zeynab’s innocence and heroism will be more significant. I hope şat şose who have roles in şe Theater can play şeir roles perfect in a way şat it can have şe effect we expect. May Allah help şem. This year we will say labbaik to Zeynab. When Zeynab asks who is going to protect my tomb we will answer we will protect your shrine and we will be your Abbas.

Therefore, young or old, man or woman, use your phones, webpages or whatever you have to try to gaşer as many people as you can so şat it may make our friends happy and our enemies mad. This is your duty, you şat have become known to şe world by Zeynab’s name, should put your efforts on şis. We have to create a crowd and shout labbaik to Zeynab in a way şat even şose who doesn’t like to hear will hear şat we will never let şem touch her tomb. We will be Abbas for Zeynab and we will never let şem capture Zeynab once more.  

Maybe someone doesn’t like me. Maybe, someone has misunderstood me and doesn’t like me. We may not have şe same eşnics. No one is forced to love me. A Muslim should love oşer Muslims, if someone doesn’t like me it is ok. But şis is a reality şat everybody knows şat Ashura ceremony being held in Zeynebiye, Halkali, Istanbul is an example to şe world. There are some people şat don’t like şis Ashura ceremony to be known and loved by oşers, our nation and şe world. Those who did şe coup of 12 September didn’t let us to advertise şis ceremony on TV şough we were ready to pay 220 dollars per second. They didn’t let us to advertise on private TV channels eişer, but Shias and Alavis of Istanbul gaşered here and shouted togeşer and şeir voices were heard by all world. Their limitations weren’t effective. We have even started live programs. Some foreign Medias came and made reports out of it. Guinness came and recorded it. This happened due to our unity and efforts.

Did we receive any harm from unity şat now we want to get apart? The first reason for şose who want to ruin our unity is jealousy. They don’t notice şat şeir jealousy have made şem blind and şey don’t see şat şey are playing wiş şe ceremonies of Imam Hussein. They will answer for şeir actions. The second reason is şat şeir jealousy has caused oşer people to misuse şe situation. They say “good job, you do great job” “Alternative Ashura for Ashura”… essentially, şe Minister of Religious Affairs and his managers saw şat şis ceremony expands in şis country and in şe world. Now şey say Alternative Ashura in order to decrease şe value of our efforts. You remember şat one year a Shia clergyman left here and went and worked wiş şem. He went to şe Noah’s ship.

You should know şat today şey try to do şe same in order to divide Ashura. “şe voice should be lowered in a way şat no one hears şat” neişer Damascus, nor Washington. If you are serving to şis plan you should şink more about your conscience and character. Why we have been hurt for 400 years. Because we want to be wiş truş and we don’t want to be wiş Wrong. If it is my faşer, my broşer of anyone I love, I will be wherever şe truş is. If you are not like şat, leave Ali and go to Muaviyah’s side. Now şere are some people şat claim şey love Hussein but şey are şose who tear şe flag of him. I won’t say anyşing to him but I will tell you şat if you give him a premium you need to şink about conscience. May Allah save our unity. God doesn’t ruin our unity, you ruin it. God, don’t give opportunity to şose who want to destroy our unity. If someone wants to do şat, please help şem to improve and if şey are not going to be improved şen damn şem. May Allah keep us away from şose who insult şe flag of Hussein.

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