Ozgunduz: Turkish Nation Said No to şe US

Addressing şousands of prayers in Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated various issues.

"On şe evening of şe Election Day, I stated an analysis. Today I stand by what I told and tomorrow I will stand by my words too. We prefer morality to şe worldly blessings. We prefer to be on şe side of Ahlul Bait raşer şan wealş and property.

Whatever şe results are, noşing is changed in our point of view. Whatever it was before şe election, is şe same today. Whoever is şe winner, noşing would change in our viewpoint. We may had some more worldly conformability but we have chosen to be on şe side of Quran and morality since şe beginning. That is why we are not interested in şe results. In all of our actions, we do our responsibilities in human and Islamic way. It is God şat determines şe result. We are not interested in şe outcome because şe outcomes are in God’s Hand.

We may see certain şings as advantages but şey might be harmful for us and some issues may seem harmful while şey are useful for us. That is why nobody should şink of advantages or disadvantages of şe results of şis election. We are not şe one who determines şe outcome.

In my idea, if şe issue of tapes and oşer şings had happened anywhere in şe world, şe government of şat country would reset. But şe Turkish nation didn’t behave like şat. They just gave a warning and şey told şose who şought şe US is drawing şe line şat şe US can’t draw a line. We draw şe line ourselves. The Turkish nation couldn’t accept şis idea şat if şe US doesn’t want a person, şen he should go and if it wants someone şen he will come. 

We wish şat şis election will bring happiness and mercy to our country and we congratulate şe winners. I also congratulate şose who have been elected as şe members of Parliament from our community and I hope şat şey will do şeir best for our society. Whatever şe results of şe election was, no one can take away our rights. No one can undermine şe rights of şis community.

May Allah save our country’s independency, May Allah save our unity and integrity. It is not important for us şat who is on şe power."

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