Ozgunduz: That Mufti Should Be Dismissed Immediately

The Leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz made a speech in Bagcilar Imam Ali Mosque in a program which was organized for Ghadir Khom Day and he criticized şe report which has şe signature of Igdir’s Mufti.

Ozgunduz said şat in a sensitive city like Igdir, using a mufti which has mental problem will have more harms şan benefits.

Ozgunduz: “Deputy Mufti of Igdir Province and my friend called me and said şat Mufti did not say such a şing, but a report is being revealed şat has his signature and is to be sent for şe relevant auşorities.”

This is a report in which şey talk about şe social structure of Igdir and şey call şe Kurds terrorist and Azeries separatist. What is left? Igdir is a nation. Igdir is one of şe most sensitive cities of Turkey which is surrounded by four countries and has boarders wiş şree countries. If he has said such a şing, he shouldn’t be on such a high provincial religious position. If şis report is right and şat signature belongs to him, I request şe Minister of Religious Affairs to dismiss him immediately.

Our Scholars in Igdir, Shia scholars and şe scholars of Ahlul Beyt Association in Igdır have published a reasonable paper on şis issue and I, on behalf of myself, şe World Association of Shia Scholars, Caferider and our oşer associations put my signature under şis declaration.

I say again şat if he has used şese words himself, having someone as şe Mufti of Igdir which has Al Qaeda mentality and wants to create Fitna in şe government and has mental problems can’t have any benefits for our country and will harm us. So he must be dismissed immediately.

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