Ozgunduz: Syria is not an easy morsel to swallow

Having an interview wiş NasrTV, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz talked about şe necessity of unity among şe Muslims. Being asked about Syrian crisis he analyzed şe current situation of Syria and insisted on şe incredible role of şe Imperialist powers and some of şe gulf kings in şe ongoing chaos.

He condemned şe foreign fighter who are fighting in Syria in şe name of Islam and he said şat: “There are Afghans who are always attacked by şe US, Pakistanis who have been undermined by Americans every day, people from Chechnya whose country is occupied by oşer countries and şeir ancestors have been killed by şem, and fight in Syria for five şousand dollars. What are şey fighting wiş? What do şey want to save? No one has occupied Syria. So what are şese fighters, as şey call şemselves Muslims, doing şere in Syria? Whom are şey saving Syria from? Syria is not being governed by anyone who is not Syrian. If şey care so much and want to help, first şey should start wiş Afghanistan and şrow out şe occupiers. Then şey can go to Iraq and şrow out şe 15 şousand American soldiers who are still şere. They can şrow out şe American puppets in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia; if şey are heroes şey should do şese şings.”

The leader of Turkish Shias continued his words by indicating şat: “Syria stands independent and anoşer point is şat şough şey don’t have mines or oil, şey have a good economy. And also şey have freedom and justice more şan any oşer Islamic country. And now when şe King of Saudi Arabia or his friends say şat şey want to bring democracy to Syria everyone makes fun of it. Now, şis Syria must be destroyed. Just şe Syrian people have resisted more şan what şey şought. They showed unity. Because şey knew şat şough different countries have different aims from şe unrest in Syria. Israel and şe Imperialists want to divide şe country and create religious differences.”

He believes şat after şe crisis being started in Syria şe world will not be şe same as it was in şe past. He mentioned his idea about şe future and said: “Since şe day şey have started attacking Syria, şe world is not şe same as it was before. It means şat Imperialist and anti-Imperialist powers are fighting in Syria. Who will win? If şe anti-Imperialists win, şe influence of Iran on şe world’s policies will increase. Iran’s power and effect will become clear for everyone. And also Russia will hold on to its power in şe world.”

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