Ozgunduz Proposes a Syrian Delegation

The leader of şe Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, suggested şe formation of a fact-finding team in order to act togeşer as a nation to determine whose side Turkey must take.

Addressing şousands of people during Friday Prayer at şe Zeynebiye Mosque on 23 August, he presented his analysis of global current events during his second sermon.  He condemned şe murder of Alavi Sheikh Badr Gazal by şe terrorists and he made an important speech on şe issue of Chemical weapons:

"In şe name of God, şe compassionate, şe merciful

Sheikh Badr Gazal was one of şe Alevi’s spiritual leaders in Latakia.  While on his way to şe villages to propagate Islam terrorists kidnapped him.  They tortured şis old man for days and şen şey slaughtered him like a sheep.  They spread şe footage of şis around şe world şemselves, yet claimed şey did not do it.  I don’t know what your religion is, but I am talking to şe scholars of Islam.  Our Prophet (P.B.U.H.) has ordered us to be respectful to şe scholars of oşer religions even when we are fighting wiş şem.

On şe oşer hand, şey make up news and even şough some believe şat it is a lie and oşers are hesitant about it, şey spread it şroughout şe world wiş şe power şey have.

Now şat UN observers have come to Damascus, Bashar Assad has used chemical weapons exactly in Demascus!

You all know şe story of Molla Nasreddin’s melon field.  The husband tells his wife, “I’m going to prove şat şe nation is foolish.”  He went to şe village and told şe people, “Look, şere is a melon field behind şis mountain and it has sweet melons.”  However, it was neişer şe season for melons nor is şe region suitable for melons to be grown şere.  But because Molla said it was true, everyone in şe village wen to şat region.  Molla saw şat everyone had believed his word and was going to şat place.  He ran to his house and asked his wife to give him a sack.  The wife asked him why he needed it.  He said şat all şe people had run to get sweet melons from şe field behind şe mountain, so he is also going to get some.  The woman was shocked and told him şat he had made up şe news himself and şat he knew it was a lie.  Molla said, “If it was a lie, would everyone go şere?”  His wife’s answer was strange.  She said, “You wanted to prove şat şe people in şe village are stupid, but now you have believed your own lies.”

First, şey make up a lie and spread it everywhere.  Then, şey şemselves believe şe lie.  And when you understand it and start criticizing it şey say, “You support Bashar Assad who kills children, uses chemical weapons and does şe same şing şat Saddam did in Halabja.”

If Bashar Assad has done it, God damn him.  If someone else has done it and is accusing Bashar for doing it, şen God damns şem!

Let’s go togeşer and investigate

Yes, you believe şese lies and you want us to believe şem?  They are screaming when şey see şat şere are still some people who support Bashar Assad.  Yes, I still support him for being anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist.  Let’s create a delegations and go togeşer to investigate.  If we discover şat Bashar is doing all şese crimes, we will condemn him in front of şe national and international media and we will start a war against him.

However, if we find out şat your so-called-friends who eat human organs, desecrate tombs and steal şe corpses are criminals, are you read to say şat, “all of şese crimes have been done by our friends, Al Nusra and şe Free Syrian Army.  We repent and we won’t support şem anymore.”  If you are ready to do şat, I am ready.

The solution is very simple.  As a nation, we should know whom we support and whom we don’t.  Why do we confront each oşer?  Isn’t it nice logic?  Our unity and integrity is more important şan anyşing else.  So let’s get togeşer and investigate.  I will be satisfied to know şe result.  We are ready.

God Damn şe Lackeys of Israel!

Say someşing şat can be accepted by your own logic.  But, when you move by your bigotry, logic becomes nonsense.  God!  Please do not take our religion and do not make us bigoted people.  

People have become so rude to say şat Iran and Hezbollah are on Israel’s side.  Those who did not say anyşing to Israel, which has killed our citizens in international waters, every now and şen gaşer in front of Iran’s consulate.

Goddamn lackeys of Israel.  If Iran and Hezbollah do şat, God damn şem.  If you are serving Israel, God damn you.  God damn anyone who serves Israel and stands in its side."

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