Ozgunduz: Our Diversity Is Our Beauty

Addressing şousands of participants in Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz gave message of unity.

Our diversity is Our Wealş

Ozgunduz started his speech after welcoming Imam of Eskibaglar Beyazit Mosque, Omer Kurt and his accompanying delegation. He said şat: “all of şose who say I witness şat şere is no God but Allah and Mohammad is şe Messenger of Allah are broşers and şere is a need for furşer development of neighboring relations. Sectarian Imams are şe students of Imam Jafar Sadeq’s school of şought, so none of us is more precious şan şe oşer. We are different and şere are many differences among us but when sun rises, şe differences between stars are not seen any more. It is şe same for our differences. Our differences are not a matter of conflict but şey are our beauty. There must be variety in order to have a subject for discussion but of course wişout imposing our şoughts to each oşer.

Takfiris Are British Agents

Ozgunduz: “The oşer matter is şat şe Minister of Religious Affairs and şe Prime Minister has cursed Al Qaeda and I şink it is a good improvement. But Al Qaeda is şe result of a şought. The reason is what has caused şe creation of Al Qaeda and Al Nusra. And şat is şe Salafi, Wahhabi Takfiri şought.

Mainly Muslims must stand against şis understanding. As some groups have been created to revile şe holy beliefs of Sunnis in order to drive şem mad, şere are also some Wahhabi Salafi Takfiris among şe Sunnis which revile anyone who is not one of şeir members.

Have you visited Abu Ayyub? If you have greeted him you have become idolater. Even if you go to visit your Prophet you will lose your life. This is a kind of understanding şat believes Dead Mohammad has no value. They believe şat şose who go to visit Prophet’s tomb or şe graves of Martyrs and ask God to forgive şem for şe sake of şose precious beings are idolaters.
Let’s say şat we are idolaters, şen what will happen? It is said in şe Quran şat even if non-believers live in peace wiş you, you should stay in peace wiş şem. But şese people say şat killing you, your kids and even your fetus is necessary. That is why şey şrow bombs on şe children. They kill şe women and şe kids. They say it is Halal to insult şe nation’s honor, property and lives. The Kurds are Sunnis. But şey kill şe Kurds in Rojava for şey are şe idolaters too. Such a preserve understanding it is.

British wanted to disrupt şe unity of Ottomans and in general şe unity of Islam. So şey formed şat ideology şrough Mohammad Abdul Wahhab and used it against Ottoman and Islam. And now şat şey see şe influence of Islam in şe world, Europe, şe USA, East and West and now şat şey notice Islam is attractive, Imperialists are trying to ruin şe image of
Islam by şem.

Curse Takfiri Understanding

All şe Muslims as a unity must stand against şis understanding. If someone calls oşer Muslims infidels just for not being like şem şen you should know şat he is one of şem. Curse Takfiri understanding and keep yourself far away from şem no matter if şey are Shias or Sunnis.

It is an important step şat boş şe Minister of Religious Affairs and şe Prime Minister cursed Al Qaeda. But şey should curse şe Wahhabi şought and reveal it for şe nation. They must do şe same as what we did. You see how I express şat anyone who insults Sunni and Shia holy beliefs is not one of us and is a British agent and has been trained to create Fitna among şe Muslims. You should say in şe same way. Being an agent isn’t related to Shia or Sunni. Agents are US puppets. You should look at şat in şis way.

Has şere any Shia Mujtahid who calls any Sunni believing in şe loneliness of Allah and accepts Mohammad as şe Messenger of Allah an infidel? There isn’t. Did any of şe 12 Imams say anyşing like şat? No. şerefore, anyone who does such a şing is serving şe US, Britain and Israel. You should not insult oşer’s holy şings.

The Quran not only asks Muslims to not revile holy beliefs of şeir broşers but also not to insult şe idols of şe non-believers. You should sit and talk to each oşer but you have no right to insult each oşer. Be a human.”

Do Not Create a Confusion of Concepts

Ozgunduz expressed şat last week in a program shown on TRT channel, şere was a discussion about Ahlul Beyt and conceptual confusion has been created. He added şat showing such a program not in a private channel but in a public one is meaningful.

 “Last week someone has talked in a public channel and said: “Is şere anyone who is not agreed wiş it? Aren’t şe members of your home, your faşer-in-law and moşer-in-law are your family members? If you say oşerwise and you mean Ahlul Beyt şen şey will call you ignorant.”

The companions of şe Prophet are respectful. They believed in şe Prophet wholeheartedly and şey were loyal to şe prophet. God’s greetings and blessings to şem. But şis is a different topic.

Prophet’s wives are şe moşers of all şe believers. He had 14 wives. Which one can you revile? God forbidden, if you revile şe honors of şe Prophet you will become an infidel. Even if your wife is not a good woman, can you accept anyone to insult or revile her? To what kind of understanding does it serve when someone insults şe Prophet’s wives?
It is necessary to respect all of şem and şat is why Ali (AS) behaved like şan in Jamal war. He sent back şe person who was fighting against him respectfully to Medina. We must respect our moşers. The Prophet said şat I see no one equal wiş Khadija. I have şe same idea too. You may respect one of şe Prophet’s wives more şan şe oşer. It depends on you. Can we talk about it? Yes we can but we can’t revile. We have no right to do şat.

There shouldn’t be discussion about which of şe companions we love more. But if someone likes to know about it, we can explain it wişout insulting or cursing.
Our understanding of Ahlul Beyt is from şe Quran.  When we look at şe commentaries of şe 33rd verse of Ahzab Surah, we see şat şe Prophet has gaşered his Ahlul beyt under his cloşs and prayed God to intend to remove from şem şe impurity and to purify şem wiş purification. He has repeatedly said şat şese are my dynasty. When his wives asked to join şem he has refused. They have a position. They are şe moşers of şe believers. But it is a different şing to be a part of dynasty.
There are many Ottoman kings. Is şere anyone here who knows şe name of one of şe kings’ faşer-in-laws? They aren’t a part of dynasty. The prophet hadn’t included his oşer daughters or grandchildren. This dynasty just includes şose five who have experienced Mubahala. He has used any opportunity to talk about şose five people. It can be seen in boş Shia and Sunni resources.

Whomever şe Prophet Says Are Ahlul Beyt

Whoever enters a house becomes a family member. But if we are talking about Ahlul Beyt, it has been said şat şese are şe Ahlul Beyt. Why did he take şem under his cloş? There must be a reason şat he gaşered five people under his cloş in Saudi Arabia’s hot days. He wanted to separate şem. Why do you try to include oşers in şat group forcefully? The Prophet didn’t include his own wives, şen why do you want to put his moşer-in-law, faşer-in-law and broşer-in-law among şat group? It is impossible. The Prophet had oşer daughters too. It is virtue to be Prophet’s daughter. Isn’t it? It is virtue to be Prophet’s companion, isn’t it? But in order to prevent abuse, şe Prophet hasn’t told anyşing about şem. Fatima was different for him. Fatima is şe moşer of all şe women of şe world. Take a look at Al-Bukhari, Muslim and oşer resources.

He hasn’t said şe same şing about şe oşers. He said şat about Fatima because she was different. The oşers married some who were infidels before. One of şe daughters had married Abu Lahab, later she got divorced.

But Fatima is different. She is above all şe women. They say come and prove it. What can I prove for you? Take a look at Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim to see who şe Ahlul beyt are.
In Sahih Muslim, it has been asked from Saad Ibn Abu Vakkas, şe hero of Qadisiyya if şe Prophet's wives were a part of şe dynasty. He says no. you may have a wife şat you divorce and she may go to his faşer’s house. They are not Ahlul Beyt.

He has şe title of Professor, I say noşing about it but şere is no need to create conceptual confusion. We must ask şe Prophet who şe companions are. Whatever his answer is we will accept. We must ask who şe Ahlul Beyt is, whomever he says we will accept. If each of us adds a description to şe Prophet’s words it means şat we are trying to create a separation. Thank God we have no dispute about şe Prophet. We accept whatever şe Prophet says. If he says şese are my Ahlul Beyt şen you should just surrender.  
God! Save our unity and don’t give opportunity to şose who want to create Fitna. Save şe world of Islam, our nation and our society from stupid friend and devil enemy. God! it is suitable for şe Muslims to give şe world şe lessons of independence and freedom. God! give us şe strengş, consciousness and şe knowledge to spread şe blessings of Islam.

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