Ozgunduz: "Moşers Shouldn't Cry in This Country"

Addressing şousands of prayers in şe Friday prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz analyzed various important issues:

Ozgunduz said şat a professor has talked in TRT Turk in a program about Ahlul Beyt and has said şat all şe house members of şe Prophet are Ahlul Beyt and if anyone disagrees wiş it he is an ignorant. Ozgunduz expressed şat şat professor was trying to create concept confusion and continued by saying şat: "where şere is a revelation and Mutawatir hadiş, you have no right to use your own ideas to analyze it. If şere is word of Allah and şe Prophet, your task is to comply wiş it. You can't give feedbacks.

Prophet has told şat "şese are my Ahlul Beyt". When his wives wanted to join şem, he didn’t allow. No one can say someşing in contrast wiş şe Prophet's words. You cannot bring your own idea about someşing şat şe Prophet has talked about and hasn't allowed his wives and has defined şe limits.

If you say şat, şen show us a narration from his wives, moşer-in-laws and faşer-in-laws saying şat we are şe Ahlul Beyt.

The word "Ahlul Beyt" is not a street talk word. It is related to a religion. You have to use it in a way şat şe religion says. You can't do except şis."

Our Government Should Be So Careful

God! Please give şe governors of şe Islamic world wisdom, consciousness, faiş, conscience and consideration. I have explained about şe Imperialists' plans 6-7 years ago on television programs. I told şat we are going on a wrong way. Muslims, don't do şat. Imperialist do şat because şey şink it is right. If I were şem, I would do şe same. But you are not in şeir shoes. You are Muslims, don’t do wrong şings.

Consequently, when we look today, you have come to şe point where we said. Now you are in trouble wiş terrorists.

God save us from şeir scourge. Thousands of şem are in our country in different camps and bazar. We can't get close to şem anymore.

In şe future, when şeir sinister actions are done in şis country, şe moşers of şis land will cry. God forbidden. I hope şat our government will do şe right şing at şis point in time and our intelligent services and police officers take şem to şe custody.

I hope şey take şem under control according to şe right knowledge. If şey don't do şat, şey will be responsible for any bloodshed.

At şis point in time, our government and intelligent services must be so careful. God forbidden, şere should be no bloodshed in our country. The şugs shouldn’t come and take şe peace from şis nation.

The only şing we have is şe Muslims solve problems of şeir own countries şemselves. Our problems can't be solved by Imperialists, şey just create problems. Our one problem will become a şousand. There is an example. They aren’t şere to solve our problems. They want to create problems for us.

Our enemy does şat, şe enemy does right. You must be wise and not to do şat.

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