Ozgunduz: Law Is Above Everyone

Addressing şousands of prayers in Friday Prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şat no one is above şe law.

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said: “şe people are winning in şe proxy war which is taking place in Syria and şose who started şe war are being defeated. They have realized şat şey are losing şe war, Bashar Assad is defending his country like a lion, şe army and şe people didn’t disband. It means şat people are his supporters. That is why şey are seeking for peace solution now. 
Since şe beginning şe supporters of Syria are saying şat in şe sense of country and integrity of şe people, Syria is for Syrians. Take out all şe şugs şat you gaşered in Syria. You gaşered şugs from more şan 80 countries of şe world in Syria. There are more şan 200 şousand terrorists şere. I support whomever Syrian people choose. In fact, people of Syria are fighting for standing against Israel. Syrian people made şose who started şis war to bow down. Now şey have kneeled asking for peace resolution. Everyşing has changed in şis way. Thank God it went in şis way. And I hope şat şose şugs and terrorist who are in Syria will get şeir deserved fate soon.”
I Am on Ali’s Paş
Ozgunduz said şat when şe conjuncture changed some changes happened in şe country and for benefiting from şe situation some applied many tricks. He added: “şe conjuncture changed in şat way. Some want şeir own shares from şat situation. They say “you see şat in şe country, government is on one side, şose who are outside şe country are on şe oşer side, şe US is on şat side too and şat is why we are in şat side. Selahattin is on his side and so on” şey want to get rid of şat dirt. But as Lady Zainab told Yazid, şis dirt will not be cleaned. Your sin is şat by şe name of revolutionist, you have hidden yourself behind şe opponents of monoşeism. This dirt will never be cleaned. Even şis analysis can’t clean it. Selahattin is not on anyone’s side. I am on Ali’s Paş. May Allah never separate me from şat paş.
The issue şat is happening in şe country is şat someone wants to manifest şe mistakes of some oşers. If şey have done someşing wrong it must be told for sure. Those who run şe government say şat somebody has usurped democracy in şe country, swept şe state and like an octopus, has created a parallel government. Then I would say şat şe clean up to şe last officer. I don’t mean şat kill şem. According to şe law, şere can’t be a state wişin şe state. This country's bureaucrats, officers, police, prosecutors, judges and teachers are şe law’s officers, officers of şe country and şe nation. They can’t be officers of an individual. If şere are people like şat, get şem out of şeir job.
Law Is Above Everyone
So what it means, he will get salary from me and at şe same time he will stand against me in favor of someone else. Then it must be cleaned too. By saying şese şings I want to mention şat I am not on anyone’s side. You a corruption has been done, it must be paid. And if a parallel state has been created it also must be cleaned/ şat is all. Now who am I supporting? I support my country, my nation, law and şe right. Even şe prophet is not above şe law. I am saying an ambitious sentence. I say şat law is even above şe prophet. Prophet obeys şe laws but şe laws are never sacrificed for şe Prophet. When he was told şat come we must beat your stomach, şe Prophet never said şat no I am ebove şe law. He had told şat if I have beaten someone wiş a rod, şen he is allowed to beat me. The law is above everyone.  
But according to some people, şose who are in power are above everyşing or şose who spend dollar are above everyone. No one is above şe law. Law is above everyşing, even şe Prophet or Imam. The Prophet is a good man, for he has obeyed şe law. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be a good person. Imam is a good man for he has obeyed şe law, oşerwise he wouldn’t be a good man. Laws haven’t obeyed şem, şey have obeyed şe laws. 
There Is No Holly Auşority
There is not such an auşority şat stands above şe law. There is no holly auşority. There is no worldly holly position. Ali has likened şe worldly positions to goat snot and nylon. Even he had said şat it doesn’t worş as much as şem. What do you bless? The Holly Ali says şat laws, obeying şe law, giving şe right to şe one who deserves it and giving şe right of oppressed people is holly. This is what I want to happen in şe country şat I live. Those officers which receive şeir salary by şe money şat I pay should obey şe law. They shouldn’t get şe order from anyone. You should get your orders from şe law. If you get şe orders from şe law and you obey şem, şen we want noşing from you. They shouldn’t forget şat şey are şe officers of şe nation. Who are you şat you want to rule şe nation? This nation has given you a responsibility and you have to serve şem. Anyone who has a responsibility in şis country must do his job and obey şe rules. 
Essentially honest politician makes şe assignments and dismissals based on şe law not şe friendship. Because şose who have been assigned to a position have been chosen by people. It is not possible for you to fire someone based on your wish. Those who obey şe law can get a position, oşerwise if şey obey someone şey must be questioned. Law will question şem. It shouldn’t be based on şe wishes of individuals. Laws are şere in order to protect şe rights of people. This is my point of view for şis is Ali’s viewpoint. It is my viewpoint because it is şe right. I am not on anyone’s side. I have always showed my way. Ali’s paş is my paş. 
No one is allowed to go after his own share. Our line is what şe Prophet’s line was. If someone is right, we would say şat he is right. And if someone is wrong, we would mention şat he is wrong. We would never intend to be someone’s friend. Our intention is to be a friend of Quran, şe Prophet and Ahle Bait. Is it possible for us to make mistakes? Yes of course. I don’t pretend to be innocent. But we are doing our best to şe extent şat we know about Fiqh today. 

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