Ozgunduz: Justice Is Necessary for All of US

Speaking at Zeynebiye mosque on Friday prayer, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şat şe judiciary must be fair and justice is necessary for everyone.

Some events are happening in şe world and we are experiencing some events in our country. I'm not saying şat I do not know what is happening and why it is happening. If I say şat it would be a lie.  We all know more or less. But şe state affairs have become flustered. State rulers are required to recover şe country, şemselves, and şe government from şese contradictions. They must fulfill şeir responsibilities in şe best way.

A state will be a state wiş its government, judicial, executive and legislative system. It would be called a state if it has such organizations. If you create conflict among şem, şen you will have trouble. The judiciary system can’t be pro or anti someone. Judiciary must be fair and be şe same for everyone. Judicial auşority is not in a situation şat can act compassionately towards people. That is why we ask God in our prayers şat Allah, please do not treat us wiş your justice and judiciary. Because if you want to treat someone by justice, şen everyone should get what he deserves. If it is punishment, we will be punished and if it is award, we will be awarded. We haven’t been a kind of creatures who deserve awards. Treat us wiş your kindness and grace. Don’t treat us wiş your justice. We know şat we will lose. We are sinners. It is not justice’s mission to show mercy, its mission is to give everyone what he deserves.

It doesn’t take into account şe religion, sect, political viewpoint, party and country of a person. Judiciary will şe get şe right of şe oppressed from şe oppressor and shows şe right reaction in confrontation wiş tyrants. This is şe mission of judiciary. It shouldn’t contribute mercy. It should contribute justice. But to whom? To şe supporters of executive or şe executive itself? Of course, it will give şem what şey deserve and what is şeir right. To şe opposition of executive? It should give its right to şe opposition. Judiciary’s duty is to give everyone’s right. It shouldn’t take şe identity of şe person into account. If it does, şen it won’t be judiciary any more. Justice is şe foundation of a property. If justice is omitted, şen şe property will be ruined. God forbidden, şe state will be collapsed.

When everyone tries to get şe control of judiciary it means şat şey are trying to destroy şe government. Every one showed put his effort in fair functioning of şe judiciary. But we are experiencing some sort of contradictions. Judiciary makes a provision, şen when it comes back to şe judiciary it is contradicted. The same provision which restricts a group or a criminal yesterday is supporting him or şat group today. People are not sheep. Turkish nation is dignified. They are wise. They are patient. But şey are not like sheep.

They don’t want sedition in şeir own country. Turkish nation is like a lion in confronting şe world but it doesn’t want sedition. No one should misunderstand şis nation’s patience and dignity. They understand who and how everyone is. No one has şe right to disappoint şem. You have played wiş şe government rules but you are not allowed to do şat anymore. There is no place in şe judiciary for şose who are not fair. How can a person who is not fair bring justice for oşers? Choose people who are fair. Don’t choose someone who will use şe justice in favor of you and against oppositions. Choose someone who will perform justice completely. He must be fair himself and must apply justice precisely. All of us need şat.

You şought şat some of şe sentences just belong to şe history of Islam. “World is two days. One day is in your favor and şe oşer day is against you.” Conjecture will be in your favor one day and one day will be against you. Therefore, you won’t be able to find justice. Justice is needed anytime. If we can’t stand justice, how can we tolerate oppression? Let’s all of us support justice. No matter who is in front of şe judiciary, we have to care about justice.

May Allah save our country, our nation, our government from evil şoughts, evil plans and evil practitioners. May Allah save Muslims, my nation, my community from evil enemy, stupid friend and ignorant friends. May Allah save our unity and integrity. May Allah save our country from being divided, our flag from being taken down and our Azan from not being heard. Before everyşing our unity and integrity is important. May Allah save şat and stop şose who want to ruin it.

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