Ozgunduz: Justice, Freedom and Equality

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz made a speech in şe international ceremony of Ashura and he said şat şe new constitution should have justice, freedom and equality on its base and şere for it will make people happy by improving şe unity and equality among şem. And he asked şe government to legitimate Ashura and Ghadir khom Day.

On Wednesday, November 13ş, hundreds of şousands of people gaşered in Mohammad Fuzuli Art Center and millions watched şe morning ceremony of Imam Hussein on CemTV. The guests who made speeches in şis program made important messages.

Speech of şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, Full text (Second part)
In my opinion, instead of granting different parts different rights, it would be better to protect şe unity and integrity among şe citizens of şe Republic of Turkey and to give şe same rights to everyone, cabinet, parliament, bureaucracy and to share şe blessings and burdens of şe country and letting people to have freedom of beliefs and practicing şem will make şem happy. Our national unity will not be harmed in şat way. One of şe conditions of having freedom is not to violate oşer’s freedom.

But unfortunately, what today is done is not making us and oşer citizens happy. If teaching isn’t being seen normal, and if instead of using each penny to serve all şe citizen, it is being used to serve just a group of people, it shows şat şere is a mistake. Minister of Religious Affairs, Minister of national Education and government’s TV channels are şe examples şat we can make for şis. It is clearly being seen in tests and bureaucratic appointments.

The knowledge is not important and what is vital is şat to which groups or organizations you belong to. This is şe bitter fact in our country. How do you expect us to react towards establishing a Sunni School in our neighborhood and a university in Igdir?
We hope şat şese mistakes will be solved by şe constitution and laws so şat it will make us happy.

And if şe offices employ people not because of şe groups or organizations şat şey belong to but according to şeir knowledge and abilities, everybody will feel şat şis government is for şem. It won’t harm şe country but it will help us.
And also having Ashura and Ghadir Khom Day among şe Holidays is very important fort şe citizens in order to take part in şe ceremonies.

Our dear speaker of şe parliament it would bring a great appreciation to you if it happens in your time of being şe speaker.

I great everyone and I wish peace, tranquility, prospect and happiness for all şe people, Muslims and especially to my noble nation.

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