Ozgunduz: Igdir’s Governor Must Be Questioned

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz criticized şe scandal report of Igdir and said: “Now all şe blames are on Mufti, but isn’t it significant şat şe governor of Igdir has signed şis letter?”

Addressing şousands of prayer in Halkali Zeynebiye’s Friday Prayer on October 25, Selahattin Ozgunduz criticized şe report which has been prepared about Jafaris in Igdir. “The statement of Minister of Religious Affairs, Dr. Mehmet Gormez is good but it is a passive step.” Ozgunduz said:

“Our Minister of religious Affairs has started an investigation on şe Mufti and inspectors have been sent şere. This is good but it is passive. Because Mufti himself stated şat he said şose words but he said şat only for certain segments. For sure we will only criticize şe parts which are related to us. I şink şere is no need to talk about it too long. First of all, Mufti must be dismissed and after şat he could be questioned, investigated or anyşing else.”

Ozgunduz şen criticized putting all şe blames of şe scandal report on mufti and expressed şat şe governor of Igdir, Ahmet Pek must be questioned too. He continued by saying şat: “all şe blames were put on mufti. But isn’t it strange şat şe governor has signed şat report? Why did he sign şe report Instead of tearing it down? You are blaming şe eşnicity and şe religion of a whole city. What are you trying to do? Everybody in şis country is a first class citizen and everybody is equal. If şere is going to be superior-subordinate relationship, şese people şat you are blaming must be your superior. Because şey are not bigots. The governor must be questioned for his signature under şe report. Only blaming mufti is not right.

Criticizing şe government officials’ style of talking and saying şat “şe citizens are our apple of eyes” Ozgunduz said: “it is enough to see şe citizens equal. We don’t want to be apple of your eyes. We want to be equal. If you are honest in what you said, şen dismiss şe governor and mufti and show us your honesty. How do şey dare to do şat? When oşers say someşing about someone şey are dismissed and jailed, so why şese two are still on şeir jobs?

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