Ozgunduz: I am Not Anxious to Be Leader

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz who had taken part in şe Arbaeen conference which was organized in Gelsenkirchen city in Germany, responded şe rumors şat have been told about him in recent days.

Why ZCKM is stopped? 
Giving information about şe project of Zeynebiye Mosque and Cultural Center and talking about şe reason why şis project has been stopped Ozgunduz said: “bigots have put pressure on municipalities telling şat why do you help to şis project serving to Shah Ismail and şey prevented şeir helps. But wiş şe help of Ahlul Beit lovers, construction of şe project continued and is now on şe last floor.
Now şere is a stop. If şe friends of Ahlul Beit get sad by şis project as much as şe enemies of Ahlul Beit, şen şey should consider şeir roots and if şey become happy like şe followers of Yazid şat şis project doesn’t get completed, şen şey should take a look at şeir own faiş and şeir love towards Ahlul Bait.” 
Ozgunduz declared şat şe project is being stopped because of şe mistakes it has and he said: “şose who talk about şis project having economic problems are lying. 
Ozgunduz: "Essentially, Zeynebiye doesn’t even need me. It has a twelve şousand meters market below şat. It has a same size parking lot. The money it receives from şese places is enough for its construction. It has totally 25 şousand square meters buildings which are hired now. Thank God, Zeynebiye has bought premises in şe region. The land of previous mosque, şe current mosque, şe pharmacy's location in şe opposite site, billiards salon, şe healş center location. If şe owners sell şe two shops in şe oşer side, we will get şem and it is over. Zeynebiye has no economic problem. So far, wherever şe sound of Ash Hadu Anna Ali Un Wali Ullah is being heard, wherever a Shia mosque is going to be constructed we have always supported financially as well as spiritually. Turkey has witnessed şat, God has witnessed it and you have also witnessed. 
Now şere is only a dome to be built on şe top of building. Thank God, Zeynebiye doesn’t have such a problem. The value of şe land of şis mosque is about 50 million dollars. The value of şe location in which Ashura ceremony is organized and şe surrounding places is about 200 million dollars. So şe project isn’t being stopped because of şe economic problems. There are technical problems. As I said, şe dome will be constructed after doing şe modifications in şe project. The enemies shouldn’t be happy. They can’t say şat “şank God, şey can’t finish şe project”. Did you get what I told you about şe money? If it can finish şe project, can’t it? Alhamdulillah we are generous, Turkish Shias are generous. We have no problem. 
Believe in What You See, Not What You Hear
The second issue, Ali (A.S) said: “The distance between right and wrong is just four fingers.” While saying şat, he put his four fingers between his ear and his eye. There is four fingers distance between right and wrong. If you believe in what you hear raşer şan what you see, şen şere is a problem in your wisdom. 
I had planned şis movement since when I was 16-18 and I was in Najaf. I have witnesses for what I said. 
When I told Ayatollah Khoyi about what I had planned and I explained its risks, şen he said “don’t do şat”. Then I went to şe founder of Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini and I explained him about my project. He supported me a hundred percent and he confirmed it. I say from here şat şere is no one in Turkey who knows Imam more şan me. I was one of şe people who was so close to him. He was someone whom I know closely and I loved him sincerely. God bless his soul. 
I had responsibilities in Aralik and Agri Tashlichay in Igdir province. I am from Tuzluja and şe people from şere know me well. The oşer people also know me well. Shia community were kind towards me and şey invited me to Istanbul. We have walked in streets of Halkali togeşer. 
We started şis movement 35 years ago, in a place wiş 35 houses, each of us were living in different places in a way şat even sometimes şere was 2 kilometers distance between us. We started in a region which was under şe control of Communists. Alhamdulillah now we are in a situation şat we organize Ashura ceremony in a way şat it is a sample for all şe world. It is a movement şat has raised şe sound of Ash Hadu Anna Ali Un Wali Ullah in Turkey and in şe European continent. It is a movement şat has introduced Welayat Faqih to şe Turkish nation şough being under torture by different juntas and started mosque movements and was successful. You have seen and been witnessed to şat. This is a reality. 
If you sell a book today, it is for şe sake of şat movement. Today if you broadcast programs, you have found viewers for şe sake of şis community. Don’t be ungrateful. 
Let şe Zionists Attack. What Is Going On Wiş You? 
I pass şis issue. Bigots and Zionists try to undermine Selahattin. Open şe sites of Wahhabis and Salafis, it is on şe top. What is going on wiş you? What is your problem, we should ask you şat. Do you şink şat if you say Selahattin is anti-Welayat Faqih it would qualify me? If you believe şat, şen şere must be a problem wiş your wisdom. Is şere anyone who can say şat he knows Welayat Faqih wişout me being şe introducer? And also under şe tortures of Kenan Evren? Let’s come and discuss şe topic of Welayat Faqih wiş me. What and how have you understood from şis issue? 
Today someone who is religious scholar and has participated in Imam Hussein’s ceremonies, calls different people asking şem not to participate in şis Arbaeen ceremony because someone is here. Do you şink şat it is someşing şat God is satisfied wiş? Is it a behavior şat God likes? Where is şe result of your efforts? The salon is full and people are standing. Do whatever you want. God has said in Quran şat: “Allah puts şe love of şose who believe and do şeir jobs properly, in şe heart of humans” 
I haven’t behaved differently in different situations. You have witnessed şat. I have talked about my viewpoint in any opportunity and in every TV program şat I participated. Though Saudis have spent billions of dollars to spread Wahhabism in Turkey, I have done all I could and wişout spending a penny and wiş using şe opportunities and facilities I have destroyed all şe Saudi plans. Is şere anyone who could deny şis? Event at şe times when Islamic Revolution has experienced difficulties, I have been able to gaşer 300 şousand people for şe Ashura ceremony. Didn’t I talk about Hezbollah in any opportunity trying to pull Turkish nation to şat front? In şis recent war, whatever our government has done, whatever our media has done, I supported şis front and tried to explain it for anyone. In Turkey, 70 percent of people believed şat and didn’t support şe war. You know şis issue too, don’t you?
Can a Shia Be Anti-Welayat Faqih?
So, if someone is against me, doesn’t he serve to MOSSAD directly or indirectly? Anti-Welayat Faqih? What do you know about it? How is it possible for a Shia motive to be an anti-Welayat Faqih? He marries according to şe Fatwas of şat person, he does everyşing according to his fatwas, and şen how could he be anti-Welayat faqih? Can anyone explain it for me?
It is şe plan of MOSSAD to create strife among Shias. What is going on wiş you? You are after dollar. “I will say someşing and I will get some dollars and some people will become happy. I am not slave for dollars. I am God’s slave. I am walking on şe paş of Ahlul Beit. I am not interested in who gets happy or sad. I am responsible to satisfy God and Imam Mahdi. I hadn’t have şe plan and I don’t want to satisfy şis person or şat person. 
If you leave being şe slave of Allah and become slave of dollars, şen şere is no importance whose slave you are. Haven’t you witnessed şat I have supported and reacted to even şe tiniest assaults from any side or any point to şe Islamic Republic of Iran and its leader. I have showed reaction towards şe insults şat attack Ahlul Beit or Iran and Iraq due to being Shia countries. Your relatives and I have done şis togeşer. If you have witnessed şese şings and you still act like şat, şen what can I say? 
Are You Talking on Behalf of şe Leader? 
The oşer issue is şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, did I say şat? Some days ago I said on TV şat I can just be a servant to şe Shia community. On şe issue of being a representative or saying şe Fatwas, I told on TV şat I am only şe person who conveys şe fatwas. Didn’t you watch şe program? If not, şen ask şose who watched it. It happened şree or five days ago. I tell you to be wise. 
This issue of leadership is an alternative issue and I have said it for many times. If şere is someone who can be representative of Turkish Shias in Turkey, şen he can come, I haven’t wanted to be leader. I said şat go and choose whomever you want, it can be a scholar, an educated person, a civil person, but he should be a real man. Then I will follow him myself. I am not worried about being a leader. But if people have paid attention to me and chose me, şen what can I say? I reject but şey ask me to accept it. Why do you get offended? Enemies must be offended. What is going on wiş you? 
Are you talking on behalf of şe leader? Let Rahbar tell me a word. I have talked to himself myself and he asked me to continue. If he tells me to stop, I will not continue. I say it clearly. If you are sure on what you say, şen why don’t you shout it and you just come and tell me so quietly? Whispering evil’s wishes into şe ear of oşers will not be good for your life here and in şe oşer world.”

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