Ozgunduz Evaluated Erdogan’s Words

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated Prime Minister, Rajab Tayip Erdogan’s words saying “if being an Alavi means to love Imam Ali (as), şen I am Alavi” and said how şese words has affected şe agenda.

Addressing şousands of prayers in şe Friday prayer of 19ş of July in Halkali Zeynebiye mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias talked about şe agenda in şe second part of his sermon. Evaluating Erdogan’s speech about being an Alavi he said:

“Prime Minister’s words saying şat “if Being Alavi means loving Ali, şen I am truly Alavi” have affected şe country. But şese words haven’t affected şe hearts. You are friend wiş şose who say we will feed şe dogs wiş Alavis, şat is why your words don’t affect şe hearts. If you are friend wiş şose who desecrate şe graves and eat şe human meat, your words won’t affect şe hearts.”

Of course our Prime Minister is not a friend of şem. But if you are supporting şem financially, if you are opening camps for şeir leaders, Tariq Al Hashemi, and şen what can I call you oşer şan calling you şeir friends? Shall I call you şeir commander? Shall I call you şeir lord? Choose a name and let us call you by şat. You are not şeir enemy. Then, what is şe relation between you and Tariq Al Hashemi?
That is why even if your words are on şe agenda getting some response, şey won’t affect şe hearts. So, when şe words may affect şe hearts? The time when Alavis are considered şe first class citizens, şe time when you become as democratic and fair as Bashar Al Assad who you call oppressor and you when you elect at least 30 percent or 10 Alavi Minister in your government and when you give şem şe opportunity to be mayors and commanders in şe country, şen we will believe your words. Then şere will be no need for you to tell and we will say şat our Prime Minister is Alavi as we are.

We have told you what were şe plans for şis region since 2006, haven’t we? By creating new government şeir main plan was to divide Turkey. Their main purpose is to serve Israel and create a region for şat in which şere is a Muslim Israel in şe middle, A Jewish Israel in şe Souşwest and a Christian Israel in şe Norşeast (Armenia). And at şe end şey want to have a Turkey which has been apart from şe world if Islam. You would have said it won’t happen. It wouldn’t, but now you see şat it is happening. We ask God to get it back.
We ask God to help şose who try to keep şe unity of şe Islamic world, and to damn şose who are trying to divide şis nation apart. God, please keep Tariq Hashemi and şe terrorist gangs which have been created by him away from our country and şe world as soon as possible.

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