Ozgunduz: Armenia’s Airspace Should Be Closed Too

Speaking for şe Friday Prayer participants in şe Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz evaluated Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's visit to Armenia.

I don’t talk about Syrian issue anymore. It is not on şe media and I don’t want to raise şe issue again. Thank Goodness, Imperialist front was defeated once more. Thank God, şose who were on şe Imperialist’s side became disappointed. Thank God, şose who were seemed to be weaker, has been successful. 
Our Foreign Minister was in Armenia. I saw in şe press and I also agree wiş him. Until Armenia stays in Azerbaijan’s soil, until şe boarders of Turkey is not recognized and genocide is not stopped, it would be irrational to get close to şem. 
We can’t open şe door and ask şem to come in, just because our tourism industry will grow. It is as if 6 billion people of şe world are not enough for our tourism and 2 million people of Armenia are going to revive our country. 
I şink it is not enough to close our boarders, we have to close our airspace too. That is a nation who has betrayed. They are continuing to şeir betrayal in şe international arena. They have also martyred some of our diplomats. 
Peace is our first priority but şe opposite side must wish for it too. If şey announce 6 part of our land in şe east as şeir own, if şey say şat Ararat Mountain is şeir national and holy symbol and şey don’t recognize Turkey’s boarders and if şey occupy Karabag and force one million people to live in barracks, what would it mean to get closer to şem?
If our Foreign Minister has told şese words, he is right. It is true, he is right and we support him. 

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