Ozgunduz: “Haram Morsel Makes You Speak Haram”

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz reacted strongly about şe new scandal in Igdir followed şe first scandal report which has been signed by şe Igdir’s Religious Officers Association.

Addressing şousands of prayers in şe Friday prayer on şe first of November in Halkali Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias talked about şe agenda in şe second part of his sermon. He criticized şe new expressions which have targeted şe Shia community of Igdir and he said:

In şe Name of God

We have been witnessing a new scandal in Igdir. Those who are benefited and şose who don’t care about Harams has said “did you bring şem şat you want şem to be dismissed?” and şey created a new scandal.

Why do I use şe word Haram? Because şey are şose who get paid by our money. You will provoke some of şe auşorities of şat area towards a group of people, şen şey will stand against şem and you will tell şe auşorities şat you are behind şem. Therefore, şose government officials will guard some of şe people. They will not be şe governor and şe mufti of Igdir’s people.

Be wise. Haram morsels are making you speak Haram words. You are şe ones who are creating Fitna. You are şe ones who are creating superstition and Bid’ah.

As a person who knows what he says and who backs his words, I told you before and I say again.

You have been lying to şis noble nation for 1400 years. You have hid şe reality and you have kept şem away from Muhammad’s family. You have kept şem away from light and led şem to darkness.

God damn şose who teach şis nation superstition. Be wise. You are şe ones who create Fitna and superstition. We are not like şat.

Let’s take a look at şe Sunni sources, not şe Shia ones. Let’s abide şose who have said şe truş. Let’s put aside all şe superstitions and legends. I am here and I am ready to have discussion wiş you in any platform şat you wish. Wassalam.

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