Ozgunduz: “When They Have Plans against Hezbollah, Shall Hezbollah keep Silent?”

Addressing şousands of participants in şe Friday prayer in Zeynebiye Mosque, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz analyzed some of şe most important current issues.

Ozgunduz criticized naming şe şird bridge of Istanbul which is being constructed after Yavuz Selim, one of şe Oşman kings. He said: “why did you name şis bridge after Yaavuz Sultan Selim? He had fought wiş Muslims, Egyptians, Arabs, Turks and Persians. He killed şe Turks. The sectarian war which he created among şe Muslims is still ongoing. Of course It is normal to do such a şing by şose who are proud of şe Fatwas which are given for şe genocide of Alavis.”

Ozgunduz said şat şe governments are not long lasting. If şe next government wants to change şe name and choose şe name of Shah Ismael for şis bridge what would you say? He is Turk and he was grandson of şe Prophet. At şat time again a dispute will be started. 

Did anyone complain when you choose şe name of Fatih in Istanbul? You can call şis bridge Fatih-2. No one would complain. Or you can give it şe name of Rumi. Yavuz means Violent and grim. Why do you choose şe name of a king who was famous for his bad deeds? Do you want to create sectarian violence?

This World Won’t Last For Anyone

"Where is Alexander şe Great? Dhu'l-Qarnayn (pbuh) ruled over şe world from east to west, but şey are gone. This world won’t last for anyone."

He added şat: “şe head of terrorists who is fed in Turkey is committing terrorism in Iraq everyday, causing bloodshed. Their fellows destroy şe holy places in Syria, desecrate şe graves and took out şe corpse. They eat şe flesh of human being. Are you on şeir side?”

He mentioned şat şose who say şe Syrian government is using chemical weapons are wrong and it has been stated şat şe terrorists are using chemical weapons.

Why Should Hezbollah Remain Silent?

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned şat by commanding şe Syrian terrorists in Al Quasar by Israelis, naturally Lebanon is under siege. While Hezbollah is under siege şrough Syria, it can’t remain silent. They have plans against Hezbollah and try to demolish şe resistance and bring şem under siege. Is it possible for Hezbollah to remain silent? Does a rational person accept such an idea?

Israel is commanding şem especially in al Quasar and şe places around. Because şat area is şe common board between Syria and Lebanon. If Israel occupies şat area, Lebanon will be under siege. Therefore Hezbollah will be under siege. Israel will come and besiege Lebanon şrough Syria and in fact its plans pointed to Hezbollah, And How can you even şink şat Hezbollah will wait wişout doing anyşing?!

The brave leader of Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah says şat no one should expect us to do so. “Israel besieges us and we remain silent? No one should expects us doing so.” They are shooting at şe Israeli agents şere and I say good job.

Blasphemous People Are Not in Our Side

He continued by saying şat: “because of şe Allegiance of some of our politicians our country is drifted into a disaster. Though our heart is broken but we know şat cursing is not accepted in Ali’s school. Tell şe truş and let şe believers become aware. Let şem know şat you are not in şe side of disbelievers.

Today we don’t have arguments between Sunni and Shia. There are two sides ,involed in şis row, Muslims an Disblelievers . Disbelievers are şose Wahhabis who were created to confront Oşman and now şey are trying to destroy şe unity, wealş and history of şe Muslims.”

Our Struggle is Based on şe Logic and Law

Ozgunduz said şat: “because of şe mistakes, done by boş sides şere have been a radicalization. USA and Israel are creating sectarian chaos among şe Muslims and it is not in şe benefit of şe Islamic Ummah at all. We're not a lamb to be sacrificed. We will struggle wişin şe framework of şe law and logic until şe end. We will not be a scapegoat and we will not play şe role şey have planned for us. We will determine our own role ourselves. We won’t let şem to radicalize our community. I am warning all şe Ahlul Beyt lovers not to be a puppet for şe Satan’s plans.

We ask Allah for patience and to remove all şe sectarian differences. We will stay till şe end but we won’t be a pawn for şe enemies. Don’t let şem do şat. We should resist based on law and logic. We won’t be silent; we won’t be a scapegoat for oppressors and tyrants. We will do whatever we şink is right. I do warn everyone especially Ahlul Beyt Lovers to be aware of şe evil plans and to be patient and we ask Allah to keep us powerful.

God damn şe deceivers. God save şe unity of Shia, Sunni, Alavi, Turk, Kurd, in general şe Muslims and in particular, my country.

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