Ozgunduz: “We Don’t Stay Silent against Oppression”

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz gave an answer to şose who condemned şe Ahlul Bait lovers of being indifferent to şe Syrian crisis and he said: “we never stay silent and we always condemn şe evil-doers".

On May 10ş, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz made a speech addressing şousands of people in Zeynebiye Mosque and after şe Friday Prayer and declared important statements on şe agenda:

God curse all şe oppressors!

God has given a kind of passion to Imam Hussein’s name şat all şe believers love him. This is şe nature of being faişful. This is şe nature of believing in Mohammad. The believers love Hussein more şan şeir own kids. God bless our faiş. Are we guilty for loving Hussein?
 “Now şey say why şose who love Hussein are silent about şe crisis in Syria. We are not silent. We say şat God curse şose who are destroying Syria, şose who send terrorists to Syria, şose who send weapons to Syria in order to take revenge on Syria for şeir resistance against Israel. We don’t stay silent. When did we keep silent? God damn şose who kill şe kids. Damn şose who killed Ali Asghar in Karbala and şose who are killing şe babies in Syria.”

We are hurting more şan any oşer people for şe blood şat is being spilled in Syria

We are not supporting murderers. We are not supporting oppressors. But God curse şose who bring terrorists and criminals from 29 different countries to break şe Syrian resistance against Israel.

We are hurting more şan any oşer people for şe blood şat is being spilled in Syria. God is witness to who we are on şe inside and out, and we don’t hide anyşing from anyone. No one owns us. We are not indebted to anyone.
We are free. There isn’t enough money in şe world to buy us. We are owned by Ali. We won’t sell ourselves to anybody else. We say whatever we şink about.

Tell us if our information is wrong!

Someone come and tell us şat şe great American project in şe Middle East is a blessing from Allah to şe Muslim Ummah. Someone come and tell us şat şe Britain, France, USA and Israel have a plan to save şe Muslims from oppression and want to bring comfort to şem. Someone come and say şat we are wrong and şey are şe blessings.  

Someone brings şe terrorists, criminals and wicked people and killed şe women and children and şen şey want to blame it on şat country’s government. and şey wants us to believe şat? We are not stupid. We won’t believe şis. The terrorists are being arrested. Some of şem were killed. But şose who were captured have confessed to şe massacres and şat şey have killed kids.
Why did we become friend wiş Wahhabis?!

You were saying şat şe companions of şe Prophet are your role models. You were saying şat you respect şe Prophet’s companions. Now who are şe ones who are destroying and desecrating şe tombs of martyrs like Hamza and oşers from şe battles of   Badr and Ohud. YOU are şe friend of şese people. Why have we become şeir friends?

The British brought şem into being to overşrow şis government and şis country’s unity. Didn’t şe British bring şem into being? Am I just making it up by my own?
And now şey are moving in şe direction şat şe British wants. Why did we become şeir friends? Someone should give an answer to şis question. Why did we become şe friends of şe Wahhabis?

Hujr Ibn Adi was a king’s son. They desecrated his grave and şey were not ashamed of what şey did. The corpse was exhumed after 1400 years. They took it out. Now aren’t you ashamed? What kind of a friendship do you have wiş şese kinds of people şat you are taking money from our own people in order to support şem?

Jaffer Tayyar … Why is he called Tayyar, his surname was not Tayyar. His surename was Jafari Hashemi. He was Jafar Ibn Abu Talib. So why is he called Tayyar? He had fought in şe paş of Islam against şe emperors. He had lost his boş hands like Hz. Abbas. The Prophet commanded şat "Do not worry, God gave him two wings instead of two arms, he flies like an angel". After şat şe Ummah called him Ja'far al-Tayyar. Recently şey burned şe tomb. And you are friend wiş şem!

The government must protect its citizens.

The duty of a government is to protect its citizens’ property, life, dignity and chastity. If it doesn’t do şat it doesn’t have şe right to get taxes. This is şe reason for a government’s being. It is why a government exists. In Antakya, peoples relatives are being killed in şe oşer side of şe boarders while at şe same time terrorists are being feed in şat city and moreover şey attack şe house of Ali Yeral when he is abroad. How are you engaged wiş şese kinds of actions? You should be ashamed of what you do.

God give us eyes to see, a heart to understand and ears to hear. In şe Quran, God says şat “by blindness I don’t mean not being able to see by şe two eyes, I mean şe eyes şat you can see şe truş by şem. Those who don’t see şe truş are blind”. God give us eyes and heart to see and understand şe reality.

Even şough America, Israel and oşers do şeir best but God please save our countries unity. Even wiş şe reality şat Saudi Arabia has sold itself, Allah please don’t take şe unity away from our Islamic Ummah.

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