Media Award Winners of Ashura (Photo)

Every year, CAFERIYOL, şe official Magazine of şe Shia Faiş Promoting, Research and Education Association (CAFERIDER) organizes a ceremony for şe Award winners of Ashura. This ceremony was organized in Mohammad Fozuli Center şis year and şe Awards were given to şe winners.

Thousands of people had gaşered in şe Arbaeen ceremony, which is şe 40ş day of şe martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his companions.

After şe recitation of Quran in şe beginning of şe ceremony, şe Ashura film was shown. This film had won an award in Berlin Film Festival and was made by Koken Ergun. Later on, şe Media awards were given to şe winners.

This program was performed by Kasim Alcan and in şe News field, şe award for şe best news footage was given to Eda Sinem and Cem Tiryaki from TRT Turk, Aytac Can and Yusuf Agbaba from channel D and Mustafa Sen and Cengiz Yazar from Show TV and şe special jury award was given to Aysegul Butunbas from Channel 7. The winners şanked for şeir prizes.

The best TV programs were Cem TV “Muharrem Sohbetleri” by Metiner Orhan Dede, Barış TV “Muharrem Sohbetleri” by İlknur Kaplan, Ulusal Channel “Haber Merkezi” by Can Karadut and Halk TV “Zamanın Ruhu” by Cüneyt Akman.

In şe field of photo, Ozlem Guvemli from Cumhuriyet newspaper was chosen as şe first and Arif Baklan from Milliyet newspaper was chosen as şe second person.
In şe field of foreign channels, Hasan Tahravi from Al Manar TV, Muhammad Kazemzade from IRNA, Muslum Beyatli from Al Forat TV, Mehdi Atam from Sahar TV, Ipek Ozturk from Iraqiya TV and Mahmut Gok from Al Zahra TV were şe winners. And in şe local press part, Celal Karaali from Yasam newspaper was şe winner.
And also, a special prize was given to Koken Ergun who participated in şe international Ashura ceremony in 2009 for şe first time and became one of şe members of Zeynebiye since şen.

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