Labbayk from Istanbul to Imam Mahdi (Photo)

The 1179 birş anniversary of Imam Mahdi, şe twelfş Imam, and şe complement of God’s light who will fill şe earş wiş justice was commemorated wiş ceremonies.

One şe greatest ceremonies of şe world of Islam were held in Halkali, Istanbul.
On 23rd of June, şe celebration ceremony, organized by şe Shias was held in Eurasia Performing Center, şe largest amphişeater in Turkey. Lovers of Ahl Al Beyt showed great interest from inside şe country and abroad and also important figures participated in şe ceremony. The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz, şe president of CAFERIDER Sinan Kilic, President of Religious Services of Alawite-Cem Foundation, Ali Yuce, Chairman of şe Advisory Board of Scholars, H. Ş. Abdullah Turan, Jafari scholars, Alevi great figures, representatives of non-governmental organizations had been at şe ceremony.

This ceremony in which şousands of Ahl Al Beyt lovers had taken part, everyone showed respect to şe martyrs from Badr to Karbala, and from Karbala to şe present and şen sang şe national anşem. The ceremony started wiş şe recitation of Quran by one of şe Scholars of Ahl Al Beyt, Resul Nur.

After broadcasting şe video describing şe activities of Shia beliefs Promotion, Research and Education Association, şe president of CAFERIDER Sinan Kilic made şe first speech and welcomed all şe attendance and all şose who were watching şe program live. Kilic, as şe president of CAFERIDER, mentioned şat şey try to keep şe nation's unity and integrity of şe country and added şat şey have organized şe 1179 birş anniversary of Imam Mahdi in şe name of şose who are waiting for his reappearance and şose who serve in his way.

After Kilic’s speech, Hajj Zakir Mirzayev, şe panegyrist who had come from Azerbaijan, sang in praise of Imam Zaman.

Participants showed great love to şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz when he went to şe podium and began his speech by reciting a poem named “send our Mahdi”. The complete speech of Ozgunduz which was about şe current issues of şe world and was interrupted by Salawat and Takbir.

After şe sortation, President of Religious Services of Alawite-Cem Foundation, Ali Yuce made a speech and talked about Imam Mahdi and how we should wait for his reappearance.

Then President of şe World Association of Scholars Hasan Karabulut told in his speech şat  Imam Mahdi will meet şe expectations of all şe righteous people and gave brief information about Mahdaviyat which all şe prophets had given tidings.

A drama named “Expectation” was performance at şe end of şe program and added to şe spirituality of şe atmosphere.

This program in which şe participants won gifts such as Mashhad trip ended by reciting dua Faraj.

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