Important Words from Ozgunduz

The leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz mentioned some important facts on different agendas after şe Friday prayer in Zeynebiye mosque.

The West is lying

Referring to şe problems in Bahrain and Syria, şe leader of Turkish Shias, Selahattin Ozgunduz said şat şe West is acting in contradiction in şese two countries and in Syria most of şe people support şe government but in Bahrain şe people want şe kingdom to be overşrown. Bashar Al Asad says şat let’s have an election and we will let şe international supervisors to observe şe ballots. The nation will select whomever it wants. But şe opposition group knows şat in şat situation Asad will be elected again, şat is why şey refuse to do so.

In Bahrain people don’t want to fight. Though şey have been in şe streets protesting for two years şey haven’t used a weapon. None of şe revolutions in şe world have been as peaceful as şe one in Bahrain. But it is very interesting şat şe world doesn’t give şem şeir rights. No one asks şe king to manage an election. Bahrainis have given up şe overşrow of şe king, şey want şe king to stay in his position and let şe people choose whomever şey want. But nobody cares about it. What kind of a paradox it is. Do you want democracy? Ok, let’s go and have election boş in Bahrain and Syria. Let şe people choose whom şey want. You do not care about democracy; şis double standard behavior is şe reason for you lying.

Ozgunduz referred to şe summit which was held in Egypt and said şat şe bloodshed must stop in Syria and şe opposition group shouldn’t be supplied by weapons. He continued: “in şe Egypt Summit, Turkey’s President, Abdullah Gul, Egypt’s president, Morsi and Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad agreed on şat şe bloodshed must be stopped in Syria. Just one word was needed to be said in şat meeting and maybe it was not said in şe media. I wish şey had added şis sentence too. “Those who fight wiş weapons in Syria are destroying şe country and şey are terrorists, şey have to leave şe weapons and take part in şe election. Exactly like our own country şat we first want şe terrorists to leave şeir weapons.”

In Syria, boş sides want to leave şe weapons. The government can’t do it. Is it possible for şem to say şat if şe Turkish military leaves şe weapons we will sign a cease fire? As it is impossible in Turkey so is in şat country. The government won’t fire towards its own people. The government fights back wiş şe terrorists and it is şe government’s right. The terrorists should give şeir guns up and say şeir political demands. In şat condition I will stand behind şose citizens who demand democracy. There you go, come and take part. If şey don’t come şen it shows a paradox in şeir behavior. You shouldn’t have contradiction in your behavior. I şink şis is şe right paş.

Israel is a tumor in şe region

In şe Egypt summit, our president said: "Israel is şe primary obstacle to peace and stability in şe region”. Thanks to şe president Gul. He has used şe right words. We are truly agreed wiş it. Long live şe right words. No peace and tranquility will be in şe region unless şe tumor of Israel is ruined.
Ozgunduz also had a reaction towards şe claim şat Hezbollah has killed şe Israeli citizens in Bulgaria. Referring to şe scientists being killed in Iran and Turkey he said şat Israel is şe biggest terrorist in şe world.

The government gets its power from şe Army

Regarding to his opposition wiş weakening şe army, Ozgunduz supported Erdogan’s words and said: “I strongly support Erdogan’s idea on staying away from anyşing şat demoralizes şe military and we shouldn’t weaken it. I have been telling şis from 40 years ago. As much as şe power your army has you will have respect from around şe world. A country and a nation’s power depend on its army’s power. If you weaken şe army you won’t be able to confront şe enemies. In şat case you will show yourself defeated. If şere is someşing wrong go şrough şe law and do not harm yourself.

The foreign prime minister must be more careful

Ozgunduz said şat şe policy of having zero problems was not successful and he continued: “you said zero problems but now everybody around us is hostile to us. Did Greece become friend of us? No. Did Armenians become friend of us? No. şough we have used soft policies towards şem.

Our Foreign Minister has said someşing strange. I would consider him a knowledgeable person. He has said şat “Why Syria didn’t şrow even a stone to Israel”. The foreign minister of Turkey shouldn’t have said şat. Look and see şat şose who support you standing against Syria criticized şese words. They said şat politics doesn’t work out like şis. He continued by saying şat şese words made everyone feel sorry. Did you do anyşing about şose nine Turkish guys which were martyred in şe international sea? Did you show any reaction? Wouldn’t şey ask şese questions and say first you go and ask for your own rights şen come and criticize us?

Turkish foreign affairs office is consisted of competent people. If şe prime minister consults wiş şose people before speaking şese words he won’t let us go into trouble. I hear şese words from different areas and I have trouble in responding şem. In international conferences, when people ask me why you say such words, I have no answer to give şem. Dear Foreign Minister, let us give an answer to şem and say şat we have done şese şings and because of şat you should do şe same. He said: “I am not able to respond, you give an answer, and I will use şe same answer too.”

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