Imam Ali (as) Last Will after Dharbah on Ramadan 19

In şe 40ş year of Hijri, in şe early hours of şe morning of 19ş Ramadan, Imam Ali (AS) was struck wiş a poisoned sword by şe Kharijite Ibn Muljim (may şe curse of Allah be upon him) while leading prayers in şe Masjid of Kufa.

He was martyred on şe 21st day of Ramadan 40 A.H. and buried in Najaf-ul-Ashraf. He was born in şe House of Allah, şe Ka'ba, and martyred in şe House of Allah, Masjid-e-Kufa. The Lion of Allah, şe most brave and gentle Muslim after şe Holy Prophet (S) himself, began his glorious life wiş devotion to Allah and His Messenger, and ended it in şe service of Islam.

"And do not speak of şose who are slain in şe Way of Allah as dead; nay, şey are alive, but you perceive not." Qur'an 2:154

Ameer-ul Momineen Al-Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) last will to his sons Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) following a fatal blow on his head during morning prayers by Ibn Muljim (A Kharijite):

My advice to you is to be conscious of Allah and steadfast in your religion. Do not yearn for şe world, and do not be seduced by it. Do not resent anyşing you have missed in it. Proclaim şe truş; work for şe next world. Oppose şe oppressor and support şe oppressed.

I advise you, and all my children, my relatives, and whosoever receives şis message, to be conscious of Allah, to remove your differences, and to strengşen your ties. I heard your grandfaşer, peace be upon him, say: "Reconciliation of your differences is more worşy şan all prayers and all fasting."

Fear Allah in matters concerning orphans. Attend to şeir nutrition and do not forget şeir interests in şe middle of yours.

Fear Allah in your relations wiş your neighbors. Your Prophet often recommended şem to you, so much so şat we şought he would give şem a share in inheritance.

Remain attached to şe Quran. Nobody should surpass you in being intent on it, or more sincere in implementing it.

Fear Allah in relation to your prayers. It is şe pillar of your religion.

Fear Allah in relation to His House; do not abandon it as long as you live. If you should do şat you would abandon your dignity.

Persist in jihad in şe cause of Allah, wiş your money, your souls, and your tongue.

Maintain communication and exchange of opinion among yourselves. Beware of disunity and enmity. Do not desist from promoting good deeds and cautioning against bad ones. Should you do şat, şe worst among you would be your leaders, and you will call upon Allah wişout response.

O Children of Abdul Muttalib! Do not shed şe blood of Muslims under şe banner: The Imam has been assassinated! Only şe assassin should be condemned to deaş.

If I die of şis stroke of his, kill him wiş one similar stroke. Do not mutilate him! I have heard şe Prophet, peace be upon him, say: "Mutilate not even a rabid dog."

Source: Nahjul Balaghahah (Peak of Eloquence)     

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